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General Mach Discussion / New PC Loosing Steps (I think)
« on: May 30, 2010, 04:52:22 PM »
Hi All

I have been running Mach 3 now on my machine for quite sometime with no issues what so ever, but last week my PC that I use just for controlling my machine decided to call it a day, so because the PC was fairly low spec 1Ghz 512MB ram I decided to build a higher spec with some bits I had around.

The new spec is AMD dual core running at 2.4Ghz 2MB ram clean install of XP with all updates nothing else other than Mach3 apart from the graphics card and sound card untils, ran the system test which showed a nice flat line and a steady pulse rate but here is the problem.

Since changing the PC I seem to be loosing steps in the Z axis, I have been trying to do some simple engraving and as the tool moves along the line of text the tool starts to get higher after every safe Z move until it's completely above the work piece.

If I stop and home my Z axis it returns to the correct starting height.

One more thing I have noticed  when my axis are on the home switches the LED's  on the Diagnostic Screen randomly flash so I was just wondering if anybody has experienced anything like this or could come up with some idea what might be going on.

The only thing I haven't tried is retuning my motors but I am using the same .XML file from my old PC setup, I use a CNC4PC buffered breakout board and the LED's on the board are solid no flashing or flickering.



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