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General Mach Discussion / Hardinge HCNC Retrofit
« on: August 15, 2006, 10:51:42 AM »
Has anyone actually retrofitted a Hardinge HCHC with the Allen Bradley control, 4Hp spindle motor, 8 position turret,5C Spindle? I have a few of these machines I would like to redo as repairs to the AB controls are getting silly.
  I have one machine partially done with the Ajax/Centroid package, but what a ripoff that turned into. All they want is for you to pay their techs to come in and do the project that was advertised as DIY but supplied faulty programs and missing program parts, and write a blank check of course. But enough whining about those thieves.
  I would like to add a section to my site for this project so others can have full info on how to keep their Hardinge's running without getting ripped of with these high end retrofits when there are better alternatives out there that work just as good.

  Project direction:  Can this control program be used along with other servo driver cards with encoder feedback, 0-10 volt control for a motor driver with a spindle (3-5 hp ac motor with a controller from automation direct), a control circuit and subprogram to control the 8 position turret (super important part). 

  I will open a section on my server, http://www.janick.com  , to keep track of the project as it proceeds and be freely available to other shop owners, machinists, and hobbyists free of charge and with all information provided to actually complete a project.

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