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I want to create a Symbol letter "B" as a beta but I can not find it on mach3 plugin wizard.

how to create it on mach3 ?

Thank you

I can not find the function key or other way.
how you view the toolpath display "Front, side, bottom" etc ?
I know using mouse to rotate, but I need exact "front"  view ?


I have this problem when cutting sphere using radial cut import from Mastercam toolpath.
no matter how slow the feedrate I choose, it always create loose steps.

is this a compatibility issue or my router setting is not right ?
I use very slow feedrate but still dosn;t solve the loosing steps problem.

anyone experience this ?


When I cut circle or Z radial cut, I always get Pause for 1/50 second before reading the next line ?

I create the G-code from Mastercam X3, I already install the Post Processor.

I check the Mach3 setting, but nothing wrong... or I miss something ?


when I do round pocket cutting, is not round anymore.
I think X axis is the problem.
if I test x 0 and x 50 and x 0 (repet) I found out it shift.

my question, how to narrow the probelm, is it the motor ? or the controller ?
how so find out the easiest way ?

should I test anything ?

thankyou for your help

I could not found the "import DXF" from the Mach3, could someone tell me where the menu is ?
I just want to import DXF file direcly to Mach 3 ver 2.0

I can use Lcam of course but I want faster way.


General Mach Discussion / newflange "Unlicenced Wizard massage" .. help
« on: August 21, 2006, 12:56:44 AM »
I just install mach3 Dev. Version 1.90.074 (just purchaced), and I got this error when I run newflange wizard.
but the other wizard works fine.

any idea ?


Hi, I'm looking for any information regarding 3D cutting (wood), specially about the hardware they use, like spindle, bit, where to order, etc.
any website abou this info ?


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