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Hello all,

I've been using Mach for mills and lathes for about 7 years.  Now I'm trying to get a rudimentary plasma table functional, but can't seem to get Mach to light off the torch.

My relays function properly and will turn on the torch when inputs are given, but I'm not getting the signal to the relays. 

Going to Ports and Pins, Spindle Setup, Output 1 is selected for M3 and M4 and the "disable spindle relays" box is unchecked.

On output signals, Output 1 is enabled, port 1 is selected, and Pin 16 is entered.  I started with pin 10, but changed to pin 16 after doing some reading here.  I have verified the common is good using pin 18 for the +5v ground.  The positive lead is going to the solid state relay.  this relay functions and the torch fires when given both the +5V and ground.

This tells me I'm not getting the signal from the computer to the relay. 

Here some more info.

On motor outputs spindle is not enabled.

Back to spindle Setup tab, I'm not really sure what to do with the motor control field of this tab.

On motor output spindle is not enabled.

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