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I'm running window XP and i'm using Bobcad version 22 set for absolute arcs and Mach 3 set for absolute for the distance mode setting. Everytime I run my G code created in Bobcad I wind up with circular cuts that are slightly off, as in almost true but not exactly. When the code is finished running in Mach 3 the abnormal condition button flashes the message "G90/G91" and then mach 3 resets the distance setting to incremental. I've looked through the g code and i didn't see anything listing a G90 or a G91 which from what i understand represents incremental.

I've also set both Bobcad and mach 3 to incremental and my arcs are still off slighly and the same abnormal condition button flashes with the same G code related message.

Does anyone know what's going on and is this problem causing my arcs to me less than perfect?

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