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General Mach Discussion / Problem with Run From Here in R3.043.066
« on: May 08, 2013, 07:19:29 PM »
I am having a problem with Run From Here in R3.043.066.  I had an very old version of Mach and I recently moved to the current one.  I use Run From Here with almost every cut I do and I cut a lot of acrylic and plywood.  Today I had problems with Run From Here.  I moved to a position and when pushed Cycle Start, the machine when to the right code but when I clicked Cycle Start afte it moved to went to the home position and cut on it way there.  Also I noticed that after code went to the top of the file.  It never did that before.  In the past it would stay at the location I want to run from.

Have there been changes to this code?

I will be happy to provide additional details.


I just added a spindle to my MechMate and when I run a file it starts cutting before the spindle is ready.  Is there a place in Mach or do I need to do it in my Aspire post processor to add a delay to give the spindle time to ramp up to the cut speed before it starts cutting?


General Mach Discussion / Documentation for Calibrate MPG
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:05:26 AM »
Please tell me where I find the documentation for Calibrate MPG.


General Mach Discussion / Auto Zero Is Not Working - Please help.
« on: July 29, 2010, 06:07:36 PM »
I posted this problem before but it is not resolved.

I have version R3.042.029.

When I run "Ref All Home", X, Y and Z are not getting Zeroed.  I believe this causes me to have a problem with Soft Limits when I try to run a program.  When it does not auto zero, I zero out X, Y by clicking on the appropriate button.

I just tried running a job and I got a soft limits error.  I manually run to the size of the job and I am within the limits of the Home/Soft Limits for all Axises.

I have numerous times, turned off Auto Zero and enabled it.  It works for a couple times with out a problem but it then starts to have a problem.

When do I need to do to fix this problem?  Is this a bug in my version?

It appears to be a problem with Y but I now have Z limit set so I will drive through my spoil board.  I do not like running with soft limits turned off.

I wish that the softlimits message would tell you which limit is out.

I am using version R3.042.029.  Lately when I click on Ref All Home, the X, Y and Z are not set to zero after it has completed homing the system.  I do have the Auto Zero checked in the Home / SoftLimits Config page for each axis.  What could be the problem.


General Mach Discussion / Help with code problem
« on: April 04, 2010, 08:24:13 AM »
The code I have included is part of X & Y Zero.

When I use the debugger and step through the code, Dro(0) get set to zero.  When I run the code, it does not get set to zero.  I have tried Call SetDro and Code....

What am I doing wrong.

Code: [Select]
Rem  Test Code For X And Y Zero routine

XCurrent = GetDro(0) 'Get current X position
YCurrent = GetDro(1) 'Get current Y position
ZCurrent = GetDro(2) 'Get current Z position
FeedRateCurrent = GetOEMDro(818) 'Get the current Feed Rate
NewFeedRate = 10 'Set Feed Rate for macro

    Call SetOEMDro(818, NewFeedRate)

    Code "(Zero X and Y Macro Running)"

    Rem Find the X negative
    XNew = XCurrent - 2
    Code "G31 X" &XNew
    While IsMoving()
    XPos1 = GetVar(2000)
    Code "G0 X" &XCurrent
    Rem Find the X positive
    XNew = XCurrent + 2
    Code "G31 X" &XNew
    While IsMoving()
    XPos2 = GetVar(2000)
    XCenter = (XPos1 + XPos2)/2
    Code "G0 X" &XCenter
    Code SetDro(0,0)

General Mach Discussion / One Macro calling another Macro.
« on: January 01, 2010, 02:48:08 PM »
Please tell how or point me in the direction for some document that explains how one Macro can call another Macro.


I have been using a Zero Touch Plate and Laser move to X, Y position macros.  There is a macro for each.

If I run the Zero Touch Plate macro before I run the laser mover macro, my ZTP macro works fine.  Once I run the laser move x, y position macro, the ZTP does not work properly.  Problem with ZTP macro, when the bit touches the plate, it move down before moving up.  

Can some one help me with my code or do I have mach configure incorrectly.

I have attached both macros.


I recently tried to delete the shuttle pro plugin by disabiling it.  When I clicked on the enable to change it to disable, I recieved the message, "Error Found, Art Code: 9991, Attempt Recovery".  When I clicked ok, the program aborted Mach to the desktop.  I had to restart Mach.

It was suggested that I delete the plugins from the plugin directory.

I loaded the ShuttleProOnoRev to add 10 macros to my Shuttle Pro.  How do I delete that part or does it get removed when I delete the plugin?  As a past programmer, it seems there is some thing that is not right.

I also tried disabling the Flash, Flash screen and video plugins and nothing happens.  I save but when I start Mach, they are back to enabled.

General Mach Discussion / Problems with Mach, R3.042.029, and Plugins
« on: September 27, 2009, 07:06:28 PM »
I recently had a hard drive failer which required me to reload Mach and my XML file.  Version R3.042.029

When I start Mach without my CNC machine on, the status bar has the message, "Nothing to Freehold" and I get a beeping sound.  In the past I never had a problem opening Mach with my machine off.  I also did not have beeping.  I checked the "use Key Clicks" and it does not have a check mark beside it.

It was suggested because of a problem that I am having with my cuts, that I try without using my Shuttle Pro.  I went into Config Plugins and tried to disable Shuttle Pro but I get an error message, "Error Found, Art Code: 9991, Attempt Recovery?"  If I click OK, the program aborts and I am at my desktop.  I have to restart Mach.  I have recently loaded the ShuttleProOnoRev program to increase macros.  I think the ShuttleProOnoRev is also affecting things.

I even attempted to disable the plugins, Flash, Flash Screen and Video, but in both cases it allows me to leave the plugin screen.  I save my configuration.  But when I restart Mach and go back into plugin config, they are enabled.

How do I disable my plugins?  Why am I not able to control the beeps?  What is the story with the freehold?  How do I remove the ShuttleProRev?

I could use some answers and help.  Thanks

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