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Today I just mailed Brian barker about the missing cycle's G70 G71 and G72 for lathe finishing, roughing and face roughing...
Unfortunately these cycles arent supplied with mach3 lathe... ... for me these cycles simplyfie lathe programming by hand enormously..
Even if a cam program is used these cycle's make the programming more simple..
He said the the implementing of this function wasn't on the "to do list" in the every near future.. and that he only got 5 or 6 requests  in the last 5 years....

I think adding this function is a huge addition to the value  of mach3.. and will make the use of this program more professional....

So If you also believe that the cycles mentioned above are a big improvement fill in this poll and let me know......
If brians list gets bigger with requests they might considder to take the time to add the function.....


Best regards ..


General Mach Discussion / OEM code cycle jog step
« on: March 15, 2008, 12:49:44 PM »
Heey everybody!

I need to find the OEM code to cylce the jog step in the mpg window in mach.  I would like it to have the same function as the "cycle jog step" button.
I've searched in the mach wiki but ik cant seem to find it... does anyone know what the code should be?

I can only find the codes to select one step value, therefore i would need to have 10 buttons. I would like to do it with one to cycle trought the values



General Mach Discussion / mach3 problem with operator interface
« on: March 08, 2008, 03:11:19 AM »
Hi everybody!

I hope I've posted this topic in the right spot.

I'm currently retrofitting my emco pc mill 50 to mach 3 witch a bob board from cncdirect.za

Everything works well only for one thing:

I've made a controll panel on my emco using a operators interface and 2 rotary knobs also from cnc direct


One rotary knob i'm using to toggle the spindle speed, every "klick" on the knob alters the spindle speed 10% incremental and works just fine!

For the feedrate I configured 2 oem buttons and hotkeys to toggle the feedrate. When I push the keys on the pc keyboard the feedrate alters nicely  in steps of 10% incremental (100%, 90, 80 etc.)
When I program the rotary knob for the feedrate i have to turn the knob quite a lot to alter the feedrate instead of one klick= 10% incr.

I've tried reprogramming the operators interface, using another port on he interface, programmed the other knob for the feedrate etc.... But it stil workst weird.
The knobs are technically in order with no malfunction but mach reacts weird on the pulses of the rotary knob for the feedrate. The knob for the spindlespeed works fine!

Who has an answer, for this?

I hope someone can help me

Best regards


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