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General Mach Discussion / Jerky motors on slow feed rate
« on: March 07, 2008, 05:37:33 AM »
Dear friends,
I'm new in the discussion. I write from Italy and I use Mach3 version R.1.83.
I have a strange problem using slow feed rate (actually >50 and <150 mm/min and the worst is 100 mm/min).
I was afraid of high feed rate but then problem is on the contrary.
As "destructive test", I've tested my machine at 1500 mm/min with hard acceleration, jogging and working and everything is OK! No missing steps.
As I feed at 100 mm/min then motors begin jerking very evidently (even vibrating forward and backward for a while)
If I jog them in the same direction the problem is not so evident: it appears when changing direction.
I have tried everything:
new powerfull power supply, shielded cables, new computer (but the computer are PIII 650/1000 WIN 2000 newly installed, driver test really shows picks higher than the suggested), new printer cable, every possible suggestion found in the forum (backlash, slow acceleration, pulse width, I suspected even wrong GCode) but nothing.
Same problems even with the newest limited version of Mach3 downloadable from the site...
Any suggestion?
Many thanks in advance


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