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General Mach Discussion / Slow table speed !
« on: February 25, 2008, 05:05:28 AM »
Hi guys.

Please have in mind I'm a complete noob at this stuff...I'm an IT manager that was told to make a table work.

I have 3 stepper motors using Gecko G320 drives for xyz axis.

I've been bagging my head with this for two days and just cant find out whats wrong !

I leave in Greece so naturally I use meters.

I was given a quickstart file for me to startup the mach3 software in which there is no steps per unit setting.

When I use a clean version of that file the table speed is normal.

Firstly I choose for my motor setup that I use mm, and the I go and do the procedure that setsup the steps per unit.

The problem is that although the procedure works fine and the measurement is correct the table starts working at very-very slow speeds.

I dont know how to speed up thing and I'm using G code that was used before on a different table with Mach3 (somebody elses machine).

As soon as the procedure is done nothing can speed up, jogging or running...the F command doesnt seems to affect anything.

when the table runs I can see a 122 units/min and under that units/rev shows 0.06

What is wrong and do I fix that ?

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