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General Mach Discussion / What kind of relay to use.
« on: July 28, 2006, 03:42:28 AM »
What input values should a relay be rated for turning a spindle on and off with Mach3? Is there a particular brand and model you could recommend?

Some assistance in setting up an estop switch and router relay for an Xylotex 3 axis drive would be appreciated. The control for the spindle will not require anymore than turning on and off with G code and. I have a functioning switch for the estop which is just like the Mach3 manual shows and works off of pin 10. I have had no success in getting a relay for a router to work using pin 1. I want to coordinate the estop and router so that the axis motors and router stop when the estop switch is activated. Also some help setting up Mach3 would be appreciated. I tried to set the software up according to the Mach3 manual but am at the point of trial and error.

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