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General Mach Discussion / Manual to cnc lathe retrofit? feaseable?
« on: February 23, 2008, 09:03:39 AM »
Hi Guys
Im new to this forum, and would like to hear your opinions on an idea i have. Whilst admiring a haas tl2 lathe and thinking how much i would like one, it occured to me that for the price of one i might be able to get my manual lathe reground, and retrofitted to cnc, and mach3. The lathe will be used for gunsmithing work, and like the fact that it has a short headstock so that i can get both ends of a barrel bore clocked, and add coolant through the bore whilst chambering. I would like to be able to clock a barrel blank in, and let the cnc thread, counter bore, then bore the chamber undersize, and finaly finish off the chamber manualy with the tailstock. Also it would be nice to profile a barrel blank between centers. I know as a rule converting a manual to cnc is going the long way around, but i realy do like this lathe. I know its going to be expensive too, but want to hear your thoughts on it, and tell me im not mad ;D
Its a cazeneuve 590 by the way, and hopefully the pics will attach.

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