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Is there a tutorial, or lesson, or manual for just the most basic steps? I would like to learn to draw a square in Corel, and then import it into LazyCam, add the layers and whatever else I need to do, and then convert it into a .tap file into Mach 3.

From what I have been able to read so far, I have drawn the square, imported to LC, and thought I added the layers, sent it to Mach 3 as a .tap file, and ran it on this computer (without the mill) and it traced the outline, and I saw the Z move.. but it didn't do what I needed, I think it even went up instead of down... but I was thrilled to get that far.  If I could just learn the basic steps maybe I could get something to work.

Thanks in advance


General Mach Discussion / Depth/Speed for settings Total Beginner
« on: February 15, 2008, 12:59:11 PM »
I am getting closer to making my mill move for the first time. I need to cut 1/8th" aluminum flat pieces with a few 1/8th" holes in them. Is there a list/chart/table for the speed I should use for actually cutting this material or setting the plunge etc? I don't mind going slow to be easy on the end mills. I would be using a 1/8th" endmill.

I am trying to just draw a square in Corel, and import it into Lazycam, and then make it move to Mach 3 so something will happen. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I am watching the video help, and it has got me this far, but there are some serious gaps in my knowlege.


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