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im having trouble setting these up now....  was all working fine in mach2 of course, now im in the middle of the mach3 setup.

motors are tuned and working good, proximity sensors are working.

i have set up the output signals correctly.  in the output signal window i have:

output 1 - spindle  - port 1 pin 1
output 2 - dust collector - port 1 pin 16
output 3 - vacuum hold - port 1 pin 14

these setings worked in mach 2 and so i entered them in mach3...  now, how do i make the flood control and mist buttons make output 2 + 3 go??  when i hit these buttons it toggles the spindle on and off and doesnt effect the vacuum / dust...

however, if in the output signal window i select "active low" for either of these and they fire up...

i know im just missing a button in here somewhere....


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