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Brains Development / Brains editor "Analogue switch"
« on: June 19, 2011, 02:07:16 PM »
Just trying to get going with brains. Now I'd like to send a value to a DRO if a condition is met. There is a option called "Analoge switch" and "Latch" in the brains editor. Can anybody explain these functions?



General Mach Discussion / Set offset in Klaus' camera plugin?
« on: June 11, 2011, 05:11:57 AM »
Hello everybody,

I just installed Klaus' Camera Plugin. Everthing works fine except that I can't figure out how to set the offset and that the coordinates don't show up when the box in the video window is checked. Any ideas?
Otherwise many thanks for the great work Klaus!


I'm just working on a panel for my mill using a modbus device. Now how do I switch between .set and .sset screens?


General Mach Discussion / Front & rear toolpost in Turn 42.020
« on: January 29, 2009, 03:38:25 PM »

I'm trying to set up my little lathe with a toolplate (at least that's what I gather it is called) meaning I've got several tools all fixed on the same plate. I would like to use a front and a rear toolpost. Now I've tried to use the "front" and "rear" setting in the tool table but I don't quite get what it does. What I'm looking for is a way to set things up so mach "knows" that for example tool 1 is mounted on the rear toolpost and so moves the X-axis backwards for larger diameters. Same way for tool 2 being in the front toolpost having to move forwards for larger diameters. Now I know that in G-code I could use negative x-values for reartoolpost and positve for front but that seems a bit of a roundabout way of doing things particularily if I'm using a CAM software.
I've read Hood referring to issues with the front and rear setting in the tool table, is there anybody with more input on this?
Another question: what does "Direction" in the tool table do?
Greets Dave

General Mach Discussion / Driver issue on 3GHz Computer?
« on: February 22, 2008, 09:14:45 AM »
Hi Folks
I,m trying to run Mach3 (R2.61) on a brand new, dedicated 3GHz 4GB Computer under Win XP Home SP2 as I had problems with my old set up (Pentium3). But I still have problems. Firstly the driver test: It runs starting at 27Hz after 10 Sec it switches to 245000Hz or thereabouts. New readings only at about 10s Intervalls (on the old Pentium3 every 1 Sec.). There are almost no spikes to speak of (maybe two between 40and 48 whatever the Y axis on the graph is about). Could there be worse stuff going on in between?  Also the Frequency is unstable btwn 242000 and 245000Hz althou I,m not shure that matters.
Whats more is that after having run the test all later tests are even slower, just the countdown to the actual test is taking forever).
Secondly and I believe this to be a result of the aforementioned,  any movement of the axis is done in intervalls with acceleration and deceleration every few mm. Whenever I run a file the buffer reading goes to 100%, is that normal?
Now I've read that onboard VGA used to be a problem is this still the case?
I've tried Release 2.63 as well as Quantum all with the same result. I,ve also tried all the tune ups , as far as I know anyway.
Hood has been kindly trying to help me before, although we were focusing on ports and pins and such but I really think this is a computer/software problem as the DRO's in Mach3 also mirror the little jerks.

Any Help would be much appreciated

Greets Dave   

General Mach Discussion / Intermittent movement along toolpath
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:50:19 AM »
Hi folks,

I'm sorry to warm up a old topic but I have not been able to find a suitable answer despite rooting through the forum.
I'm just in the process of refitting an Aciera F5 kneemill and I'm trying to get to know Mach3 without havin any harware hooked up.
Question is, when I run for example the roadrunner file or any old G-code for that matter, the tool is not moving along in a reasonably smooth fashion, rather it runs along a short stretch and stopps then starts again and so on.  Now when I look at Art's tutorial video his job seems to be cut in a smooth continous movement. I've tried fiddling with the CV-,Speed- and Accs  settings but it doesn't really seem to make much difference at all.
Sure somebody has an easy solution for that one.


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