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OK, I reformatted and re-installed Mach3. Everything seems to work as far as the xml configuration is concerned. The only difference now is that the pulse rate according to the diagnostics screen is unstable. It varies from about 4K to 28K. When it's stable the CNC runs fine but as soon as the pulse rate starts bouncing around the motors can't run properly. Any solutions for this?

Many thanks Hood - I'll save the xml and use that to set up when I'm done.

General Mach Discussion / Backing up Mach3 settings for computer reformat
« on: September 06, 2006, 02:18:01 PM »
The computer I use to run Mach3 needs a complete hard drive reformat. Can anyone tell me if there's an easy way to save all my hard-earned Mach3 settings and configurations so that when I reinstall the software I can import the settings and restart where I left off? I was thinking as a precaution I should take screenshots of all my config pages but isn't that what the xml file is for?

As you make changes in your software configurations, does the xml file automatically update itself? 

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Update - I discovered that having another program running while Mach3 was controlling my machine caused small signals to be sent through the printer port causing the incremental z-axis movements. Problem solved and machine runs fine!

I just checked out my machine. It seems that while the z-axis is supposed to be on hold at a given height, there's a pulse about every 8-10 seconds which causes the motor pully to jog about 1/4 turn. Result is a constant downward progression in steps of between .003" and .005" every few seconds.

What's up with that? Causes what should be a flat machined surface to bcome progressively deeper during the cycle.

Thanks Brian. How do I get Lazy Cam?

Does anyone have an idea why during a machining cycle my z-axis is making small movements (maybe a turn on the motor axis) during the first few x-y movements of the program. As far as I can tell (I'm a complete newbie) there are no rogue z commands in my file. I posted it for anyone who cares to comment. File was generated from an Adobe Illustrator DXF.

Hmmm, well my g-code file is all G1 commands, which is what I got from crunching the DXF file. I guess it wont work then...

I want to use the shape below to machine two pieces of material. Can I machine inside the shape using cutter compensation to create a pocket, and then in another piece of material, machine outside the same shape by compensating in the opposite direction, so that the male and female parts that result will fit precisely into each other??  The dotted line is the actual shape that I have created in Illustrator and converted to DXF

OK I ran that code. So we're tracing a square path 2 inches by 2 inches. Using G42 we're recalculating the toolpath to be offset by 1/2 the cutter diameter to the right only. Would that be right?

Let's say that 2" squate path was a piece of material you wanted to machine, like a 2" square coaster. Would I program the path to be 2" square and then use G42 for the bottom and right hand cuts and then G43 for the upper and left hand cuts? Would that yield a 2" square of material?

I have a reason for asking this relating to my next project....

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