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It is 1:1 as it came from the manufacturer. From what I have found out the actual rotary table gear inside is 90:1. They come as kits with a tailstock etc exactly like the tormach units. It is well within the speed range I think, if I slow it down to 50% it still stalls at what seems to be the same points.

On the program there is no separate feed rate for the A rotary axis. I don't know where the a axis feed rate comes from, surely that should be in deg/min.  Could this be part of the problem?

I have a CNC router dedicated rotary machine recently installed running latest mach3. The A axis is the rotary and then the long axis is Y fixed on the centreline and Z is up and down. 8" cnc rotary table with nema 34 motor, its all pretty conventional stuff.

wrap programs are create programs in vectric

I am getting the rotary axis motor stalling at certain points in programs each and every time a program is run through, it ruins work. The other 2 axis are the same drives/motors so I have swapped the drive over and eliminated that, put a new nema34 motor on and eliminated that, unplugged the Y and Z and ran it through (still stalls), I also ran it with zero load on ie uncoupled from the rotary table and you can actually hear and feel it stall with absolutely nothing connected. I have come down to either the code or mach3 settings or a combination. It is nothing mechanical or electrical on the system.

The code is attached. On mach3 acceleration of A axis is set to 300 and velocity is 2000. Units are all in mm. In particular I get audible stalling at several points, one of the most obvious is at lines N1470 - N1480. Any help much appreciated.

This is still causing a lot of problems, ordered another gecko. Same thing happens, its very strange, just throws an e-stop up after a few seconds. Will only reset upon shorting the e-stop. So I ordered another gecko, same thing, changed all the 4 motors, reloaded mach3, chnaged computer, bought another brand new (different make) 48v, 7amp power supply, charge pump on/off, bought in a large 6800uf capacitor for the power supply, built a whole fresh control box, same problem. It did strangely work for 5 minutes with a 24v power supply.

Any ideas, the only thing I can think is its the gecko G540? tearing my hair out here!

Hi, Yes ive tried plugging them in all the differernt axis in multiple combinations and it seems to have the same problem. There is nothing consistent about the way its happening which I can definately say its related to one thing or another. It throws an estop up whether I have X or Y plugged in, all four plugged in or none plugged in. The only thing I can think of is a faulty gecko but its new so I am not sure. Once it does throw an estop up to reset it I have to push the physical e-stop on the machine in and then twist and pull out and it resets.

Just been playing with it a bit more and the strangest thing is happening.

If I plug the X and Z cables into the gecko, (setup as before with estops and limits disabled) I get a green light and can move them about. If I plug Y and A in (slaved axis) then it goes to red light and wont run. However if I plug just the Y in then it works and likewise if I plug just the A in it works but not together. I have unslaved them in the software but when they are both plugged in the gecko wont run!!

I have disconnected the actual e-stops (2 of them) and jumpered the gecko pins 10 and 12 to bypass the estops. It still throws up an imaginary estop!

limits are disconnected aswell so both the limits and estop can be discounted.

Any ideas?

no the estop isnt shielded, its definately grounded. Is there a way I can disconnect the estop to eliminate that? It seems like the gecko and/or mach wont run without it. When I disable it in mach it just pops back up ticked again.

Newly built machine running gecko G540. Got all the motors running and tuned in etc. When I run a program or sometimes when jogging around it throws up an external estop, it doesnt happen in the same place. I have tried:

swapping the axis over
disabling the limits
removing all the motors from the gecko (still does it when running through a program)
messed with the debounce
checked all the wiring and connections
disconnected the spindle so it cant be that

All the motors are grounded, shielded, have resistors on.

Any suggestions on what this could be? I have been troubleshooting it for hours and hours with no joy. Could it be a faulty gecko?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach 3 + C22 + MPG problem...Help.
« on: February 11, 2010, 12:58:19 PM »
been messing around with things a little more,

After quite a bit of soldering, playing + calibrating the MPG I can now tab out the MPG screen on mach, set it to MPG and it actually moves the axis and steps the perfect distance etc. The selector switches for axis and distance do not work and enable button does nothing but if I actually click on the MPG axis switches in mach3 screen I can move the different axis (this is with no brains active). If I activate the brains, or indeed one by one thats when things either stop working or go all weird. Are the brains necessary for using this? which ones are needed if any?
Do the hotkey codes for OEM triggers mean anything or need assigning? I have tried to automatically assign the oem trigs/pins in mach but it doesnt recognise any button movements.
I feel like I am getting closer as this is the 1st time I have been able to use the wheel to move it.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach 3 + C22 + MPG problem...Help.
« on: February 11, 2010, 09:37:52 AM »
Hi Bilingham

Did you ever get the pendant working?, I have and know of several other people having the same problem, I started a thread a while ago on here at http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,12949.msg85019.html#msg85019 but months on I am little closer to a resolution. I initially thought the pendant was faulty but after replacements it is not the case.

I had for the LPT2 a sunix card and got the same symtoms as cncfreak ie output 6 light on, no movement etc.

I read this yesterday and went out and bought a netmos 9805 (couldnt find a 9835CV) card as recommended and although I now get some response its hardly what I wanted:

*the jog wheel moves only the Z axis mostly in one direction, if I change to x,y or z on the pendant it makes no difference.
*it siwthces itself out of jog manual mode with brains on intermittently
*with axis selector switch in off position y axis will move by pressing enable button.

It is so random and unstable I wonder if I am ever going to get it to work.. I think it must either be the pci parallel card or the brains. Any ideas now before I stick it all in my 50 ton press?

Anyone in the UK who I can send it to who has the same setup?

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