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General Mach Discussion / Re: Changing the units of the "DRO"
« on: May 21, 2014, 05:47:15 PM »
Hello Hood,  Thank you for the reply.

I have a few more observations that lead me to believe the XML file is probably OK.  The problem can be seen by two things:  Having the "USE INIT STRING on RESET" in General Config. Checked, and the other is when Limit Switches are set to active high in P and P when no switches are attached.  That is when hitting the reset button, it remains flashing and says limit switch triggered.  Then when the reset button is hit again, the reset stops flashing and the top right g-code line still says G20 and G17 as it should. But then any MDI command like g0 X2 followed by the enter key immediately changes g20 to g21, and G17 to G19.  

If the "USE INIT STRING on RESET" is UNCHECKED,  the G20 stays G20 but the G17 changes to G19.  If the Limit switches active is changed so that there is no error, hitting Reset button just once then resets fine and the button stops flashing without any limit errors.  In this case the G20 and G17 remain as they should.

If you put in your own INIT string in gen. config. , you'll notice on the run auto screen upper right corner there are other G-Codes that you did not put in your INIT string.  I don't know where they come from but suspect that they are interfering with the desired init string you enter.  

Again, thank you Hood for replying to this post.

It appears like MACH3 will reset even if there are no limit switches.  It seems to fix the active high/low when pressing reset twice. (Probably to make it easier it to run in demo mode.)

General Mach Discussion / Re: Changing the units of the "DRO"
« on: May 20, 2014, 02:04:50 PM »
I have  a problem with Mach3 always switching to G21 even thought original setup is in inches, I have a G20 in the General settings Startup string.

When MACH3 is launched, G20 comes up in the long line of G-Codes at the top right side of the screen.  If we go to MDI and enter anything it immediately switches to G21.

Does anyone know why it switches by itself to G21.  Yes, we can enter a G20 in the MDI Line and it will then stay in G20 until restarting Mach3.  Has anyone figured out what has to be done to make it stay in G20 (inch) mode after startup.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Poppabear,

Have you done any updates to Practical_Lathe2.0 modA.lset  since this last post?

Question:  In Mach3 Turn, hitting the HOME ALL button after the axes have been homed using SET HOME X, SET HOME Z, etc., causes the axes to home at extremely fast feedrate.  Have you noticed that?  I'm wondering if I can put your HOME ALL Button script in MACH3 TURN'S Home All button.  Will that fix the excessive axis feed problem?

Also, how is a button removed from 1024.lset if I want to get it off the screen altogether?

Thank you very much for all your support to the forum.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Soft stop at limit switches
« on: September 12, 2010, 01:41:19 PM »
Very interesting discussion.  One thing that comes out is that Mach3 should have a way, in CONFIGURE---General settings, to set soft limits to default to ON at all times.  Then no one would have to worry about forgetting them.  

Regarding the "controlled stop" at E-Stop or hitting Limit Switches, many good points were made.
For some of us, I'm sure the main thing we wish Mach3 could do is NOT to lose knowlege of its location, even after those errors.  With steppers (without encoders) , this can't be done if the step pulses stop, because it is the step pulses that update the DROS position.  That's why we like soft limits, feedhold instead of STOP, etc.  With servos, there are encoders.  If Mach3 tracked the encoders and updated the position DROS at all times, even after stop or E-stop, it would be easy ( in absolute mode) to reset, and continue without having to rehome at all.  Unfortunately, it doesn't, so a "controlled" stop could retain the position in some cases, namely hitting the STOP button on screen.  As for hitting limits,  the soft limits already  somewhat do the "soft stop at limits" being asked for.  The slow zone could be reduced making the axis decelerate faster.  The minimum stop time is limited by the step motor capability.  Early CNC's did in fact have two sets of limit switches.  First one stopped all movement but retained position.  Second one killed power, applied brakes (especially on Z-Axis where gravity would bring a thousand pound head crashing down, etc.)   More later..if you don't drum me out of the corps.  

General Mach Discussion / Re: Open Doors Inhibit
« on: September 11, 2010, 09:21:37 PM »

I went in on port 1, pin 13 and then put 1021 in OEM Trigger #13 which was unused and it works perfect.  Didn't need the brain at all. When the remote E-stop is pressed now, the electrics goes off and mach3 goes into estop immediately.  Apparently, the Reset button on screen is the software estop as well as reset.  The oem trigger recognizes the 1021 and executes the reset button.  When the Hardware Estop button is released, the onscreen reset button turns everything back on as desired.

Thanks for a very effective solution.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Open Doors Inhibit
« on: September 11, 2010, 11:23:18 AM »
Many thanks to Russ (Overloaded) on Machsupport Forum) for splitting my questions into a new topic.
Anyway,  for Hood, a little more background:  I have a SmoothStepper, C23 Breakout Board, C22 MPG Interface Board, and an MPG4 Pendant all working fine on MACH 3 Mill, latest lockdown version.

I need another ESTOP switch than the one that's on the MPG Pendant.  My separate E-Stop switch kills the electrics power to servos, Spindle, etc. just fine, but it does not notify MACH3 that an Estop has occurred.  The pendant estop via the C22 hardware contact works just fine. It kills the electrics and also trips the mach3 reset button.  The problem is that I can't simply series the two Estop switches because the C22 notifies Mach3 by software internally, that its Estop button was pressed. While I can series connect the two estop switches to kill the electrics, it doesnt notify Mach3, because the pendant's hardware relay contact is driven by a buffer chip of some sort and the buffer IC is what notifies Mach3 ahead of the relay contact.  That's why I'm trying to get the RESET buttion triggered to notify Mach3 when the remote Estop is pressed.. I tried using the open door input but it stops communication with the smoothstepper whenever the input is triggered.  Does open door give any kind of Message or trip reset?

In ports and pins, Estop for the pendant is configured to Port2, pin 15 which goes to OEM Trigger#8.  If there is a way to configure an additional input to E-stop, that would make it easy.  I think the new C32 board fixes this, but there are C23's out there.  Thank you Hood, for your help and tremendous blessings to the forum.

General Mach Discussion / Open Doors Inhibit
« on: September 10, 2010, 04:22:24 PM »

I want to use one set of contacts on my remote E-stop switch, which stays made until the twist-lock is released.
I want it to trigger the reset button on screen just like clicking it with the mouse.  When the twist lock is released then clicking the onscreen reset should reset it as always.


PS.  I'm not sure I'm replying to the forum messages in the right sequence or not.

General Mach Discussion / Open Doors Inhibit
« on: September 10, 2010, 03:20:46 PM »
For Hood,

I would like to use the #2 user input (the one just under Input#1 used for open doors inhibit) to reset Mach3, just like clicking on the red reset button on the screen does.

I have input port 1, pin 13 available and would like to connect a mechanical switch to the input to trigger the reset condition.  Would you please tell me how to do that?  The book mentions that the Configure...System Hotkeys, also allows defining external buttons used as oem triggers but didn't give any examples of oem codes to use.

What do you think is the easiest way to do it?

Thank you


General Mach Discussion / Re: Feedrate override in turn
« on: September 09, 2009, 06:40:45 PM »
Do any breakout boards support that?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Feedrate override in turn
« on: September 09, 2009, 06:36:12 PM »
Can a pot for SRO work through parallel port inputs?  Does it take a lot of inputs?

Thank you,


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