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Thanks!  I had a feeling I was over-thinking it.

(fat finger disease...)

...like this requiring IRQs.

I'm using SIIG add-in cards:

http://siig.com/product.asp?catid=97&pid=150 (mine are a slightly older version)

Windows XP has both add-in cards (LPT2 and LPT3), as well as the onboard LPT1, set to "Never use an interrupt" in Port Settings.  Is this the correct setting?  Any other settings in here I should know about, or are the defaults generally just fine?  Any motherboard things I should do, like setting specific PCI slots to specific IRQs (always a fun game with XP and modern HALs)?

Two more questions:

1.  Can Mach use 3 parallel ports? The two SIIG PCI cards in addition to the onboard parallel port?  My engineer friend is the type to want more more more  :-)  Not a "must have," just curious.  The manual never expressly states a max.

2.  If it is only 2 parallel ports max, can I set Mach II to use JUST the 2 add-in cards and not the onboard LPT1 at all?  Does the Mach III manual page 5-2 say all there is to say on this subject?    I want to do this in case of accidents so the motherboard is less likely to get nuked.  I am aware of outboard opto-isolator circuits and we're definitely considering them, but just in case.  Also for consistency I'd like the whole thing to go through the same chips. 

I really hope I'm not asking bone-headed questions.  I'm a not-so-hot PC guy with almost zero CNC experience, I've never used your software, and have only read the manual (and a few dozen forum posts) while trying to prepare this PC for my friend.  He's generally brilliant .... just not with PCs!  What a pair we make trying to convert an old Ah-ha milling setup to something more modern.  He's already purchased your product.

Thanks in advance,


I am setting up a PC for a Mach machine.  It is for one of my engineering friends (he's the CNC guy, I'm the PC guy).

Does Mach require that the parallel ports have their own interrupt / IRQ?  I read the manual and understand about the I/O addressing, but there is no mention of IRQs.  Maybe I'm just thinking to deep into the old days of important functions like this re

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