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HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Connecting Sainsmart ST-M5045 drivers
« on: October 11, 2019, 02:41:37 PM »

The following changes are needed for connecting Integra 7866 with ST-M5045:

1. Step+-, Dir+- needs to be connected as shown in the attached image.

2. You can connect J6 +5V  to ENA+ and use the J15 NP0 on the Integra 7866 controller to connect the Enable input signal from the drive. You also should map the J15 NP0 to Enable#  signal on Mach4 which is set to 'Active Low'.

For further reading please visit our "Knowledge Base" from this link:
Go to "Stepper/Servo Connections" section for other Integra 7866- Driver connections.

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Hicon board wiring to fire plasma torch
« on: September 05, 2019, 04:31:02 PM »

Have you gone through this document http://www.vitalsystem.com/portal/cnc/motion/ArcProPlasmaGuide.pdf which talks about wiring the THC-150 Proma and the HiCON 7766 controller for Plasma Torch Height control (Page 5).

You can visit our Knowledge-base page http://www.vitalsystem.com/portal/support.php under 'ArcPro Plasma' has some good information about the THC sequence and signals.

You can mail support@vitalsystem.com for any further questions regarding this topic.

Let us know if the above answers your question.

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Mach Four Crashes at Digitize (probe) signal
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:40:41 AM »
Hello Jeremy,

Mach4+HiCON plugin is not supported on windows 7 as some of the new windows API is not available on windows 7.  We request the users to upgrade to windows 10 to solve the compatibility issues and to benefit from the upcoming improvements and features from the HiCON plugin-firmware development.

-Support Team,
Vital System Inc.,

We are the support team from Vital System, could you help us find answers for these question below to help us debug your problem?

1.   What does the VSI device manager display when you scan network?
- Does it connect to the controller and display the controller’s serial number, Firmware version, FPGA version numbers, etc.,?
- Are you able to see all your activations in the activations tab?
- Do you see a Blue CPU Led blinking beside J6? (In your photographs couldn’t see one, may be the camera missed it.)
2.   What are your Mach4 pin mappings? 
-Have you enabled all the axes you are trying to use and tied them to the motors you want?
-Could you send us the best possible schematic that would describe your hardware setup very clearly?

3. http://www.vitalsystem.com/portal/motion/hicon/hicon_integra/Integra_Guide_7800_Series.pdf
-Please follow the above manual to get the right Mach4 mappings for your setup.

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: "unable to ARM drive (code=355)"
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:58:06 PM »

Looks like you are missing ARM enable activation.

please contact support@vitalsystem.com and provide serial number of the controller and the order ID.

thank you
Tech Support


If you think it is the hardware and you would like us to take a look at it, please either send us an email or call our office so we can start the repair process.


When you issue the spindle speed gcode command (ie S1000), do you see the message "New Spindle DAC Voltage Transmitted..." in the black debug or command window that opens with Mach4?

The DAC hardware does not differentiate between the M3/M4 command. It only outputs the 0-10V voltage it is told from the spindle speed command.

The spindle direction is determined by the Mach4 output mapping (ie Spindle FWD to relay 1, spindle REV to relay 2).

The DAC hardware is serviceable on the board if the component is the issue. 

You can send an email to support or give us a call at the office if you'd like.

Yes, the RPM is synched with the spindle encoder during threading.

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: PWM output in the HIcon 7766
« on: February 07, 2019, 10:45:38 AM »
It's possible to implement a PWM output on the board but would require some time and development fees.

One of our customers uses the SPINDLE_FW/REV signals that each drive a separate spindle. The spindles will only move in one direction with that setup though.

If you would like custom software or firmware modifications you can email sales@vitalsystem.com with your request. 

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: PWM output in the HIcon 7766
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:02:39 PM »

The user manual of the C41S describes that it converts a PWM input signal and outputs 0-10VDC.

The HiCON Integra has an onboard 0-10V digital to analog output for controlling a spindle.

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