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The only other computer I have is a laptop but it does not have a PP. The computer I am using is a Desktop Dell Precision 350, 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM running Windows XP SP3.  I can move any motor to any axis and all works fine expect the X axis. With that said, I really only need three axis for my router so I switched pin assignments in Mach 3. The signal from X goes to the 4th Axis (A) port on the StepMaster NC box which I hooked up to the motor attached to the X axis. I now have three working axes. I was hoping for a forth so I could install a rotary table or build an attachment off the Z axis so the spindle motor can rotate. Maybe someday when I learn more about electronics.

To all who have helped me with this issue, Thank You for your time. My background is mechanical with little to no electrical/electronics (But willing to learn). I appreciate everyones help and hope to provide others with support in the near future.
Thanks again.

I disconnected the PP cable from the motor driver box so my readings would be taken on the PP cable, end opposite the computer.
My readings were as follows:

Desc         Readings      
Axis   Type   Pin No   + Dir   "- Dir   Static
X   Step   2   0.1   0.1   0
X   Dir   3   0   3.3   3.3
Z   Step   4   0.1   0.1   0
Z   Dir   5   0   3.3   3.3
Y   Step   6   0.1   0.1   0
Y   Dir   7   0   3.3   3.3
A   Step   8   0.1   0.1   0
A   Dir   9   0   3.3   3.3

Continuity between ends for pin 2 and 3 are fine. As for the board, I open the case looking for obvious signs of damage but all looks fine. As for checking the board, sure I would try it but do not know where to begin.

No Go on the hot keys as all axis and directions are different. I switched the X axis motor to the Y axis and it moved correctly. I attached the Y axis motor to X axis and it only moved in one direction. The same happens in MDI or when running a program. As mentioned before the documentation appears inncorrect. Should I try deactivating all axis but X and changed to different output pins?

The documentation says:
"X" step pin 4, dir pin 5 but the "Z" axis moves (both directions)
"Y" step pin 6, dir pin 7 with movement correct
"Z" step pin 8, dir pin 9 but "but "A" axis moves (both directions)
"A" step pin 2, dir pin 3 but "X" axis moves and in one direction
All port 1

So I switched
"X" step pin 2, dir pin 3 but "X" axis moves in one direction
"Y" step pin 6, dir pin 7 with movement correct
"Z" step pin 4, dir pin 5 with movement correct
"A" step pin 8, dir pin 9 with movement correct
All port 1

I 'm hooking up a 4 Axis "StepmasterNC" motor driver box, model (SOP-2B) to a PC running Mach 3, ver 3.04.  I connected identical 4 wire stepper motors (wired identical also) to X, Y, Z & A axis. When pressing the appropriate key, +Y & -Y, +Z & -Z, +A & -A  move correctly but when pressing +X or -X, both keys move the motor in the same direction.  The same happens in MDI or if running G code. I have rearrange the interface connectors (switched motors) on the back of the motor driver box but any motor connected to the X axis only moves in one direction. Any of the four motors when connected to the Y, Z or A axis moves appropriately. My limited knowledge on electronic tells me there is something wrong with the X axis in the (SOP-2B) motor driver box. I do not think the manufacturer "StepMaster NC is still in business as my internet searches come up empty. Any help / recommendations will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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