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Thank you so much for the reply, yea I am still dead in the water, going to work on it today.  I purchased this machine off of someone so I know the pins are correct from what I can tell, its the config that I do not have.  So basically I have no Z sensory, a gantry left and right sensor which homes right.  I have a Y on back left and back right and it is the back right that is not stopping it because when I launch home the gantry stops at the back left and the right side still keeps going and click. (This is slave and pin 13)  The one in the front I have not been able to test yet of course.

Anyway you can post your screenshot so I can check mine?

The Avid machine uses Warp9 ESS.   If you have PMDX USB that system with Mach4 Homes using the same standard Homing, Z up to top and hits switch and then back down off it, then X to the left same as above and finally to the Y Home front left. If your Y is Homing to the back it needs to be reversed in the Configuration setup pin setting. Your Jog buttons should be setup correctly when you change that, so Homing will work.

The PMDX is what I use and there is documentation on that website, also the guy who owns that business is on here.

There are a lot of folks on here with much more experience than me I do not know why they did not reply??

I was wondering if anything that has a similar setup mind showing their settings for the machine and ESS for homing switches?  I have all the motors and eveything appears to be working but when the machine start to home the Y towards the back (One with Y + and Slave (pin 13) it seems the pin 13 does not stop and will eventually try to run off the machine.  I am new to this so I am sure it is something stupid, but just not able to get it going and would love to run a test run finally.

I did purchase this off of someone and they used Mach 3 which I could use, but every XML I download from Avid, does not work or its way worse and nothing works.  So if someone had an XML I could try, I can also put Mach 3 back on and see what happens.

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