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Hello Forum,

I have an Industrial Brand 48 x 48 x 10 CNC router running Mach3/Win7. I bought the system used and it all seems
fine. I went and set up the soft stops in Mach3 and now when I shut the CNC Router off with the power switch, the Z axis and spindle descends several inches! First time it happened, it scared the you know what out of me. I have since turned soft stops off before shut down. The Spindle will stay where it was. Anyone know why this might be happening? Thank you.  BSA-LLC

Here is the reply I received from the folks at PoLabs regarding the motor control ribbon cable ground pins and ribbon wires going to the Stepper Controller Drive that I have.


All ground wires are connected together on the device - any of them can be used, others can be left unconnected.


Hello MN300,

Thank you for your answer. I had looked at the 2 manuals before posting but was not sure whether it was advisable to connect the grounds from the ribbon cable of the motor control from the bob to the Enable Signal ground of the CWD250?  I guess I will wait and see whether there is any other suggestions and I have submitted a request with the folks at PoLab. Thanks, BSA-LLC

PoKeys / PoKeys57CNC 10 PIN IDC connector to CWD250 ground wires/pins?
« on: March 08, 2020, 04:59:47 PM »
Hello, I have a "Industrial Brand" CNC router that I am converting to use the Poykeys57CNC board because it actually has documentation and many more inputs/outputs available. I have the Pokeys wiring ribbon cable kit to run my ribbon wire from the PoKeys BOB 10 Pin connectors to CWD250 stepper motor controllers that came with the router. I saw one helpful video where the person just cut the ribbon cable ground wires off the cable but I am thinking they should be there for a reason? But where does one wire them to on the CWD250 stepper controller? I have what little info that CW-Motor provides but it does not answer this question. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, BSA-LLC

Hello Forum,

I have a post on the forum where I was trying to trouble shoot a BOB and limit switch issue  (actually they are NO proximity switched wired in parallel). I have decided it would probably be better if I just bought a new PoKeys57CNC BOB and wire it into my "Industrial Brand" CNC router because the 57CNC BOB has real documentation and it has more inputs and outputs available than my existing BOB that has NO Documentation and only 3 inputs that I can see (Limit Switch, E-stop and one labeled H ???) .

My question to the forum is, can I install a new BOB and use the Pokeys57CNC plug in with my existing copy of Mach3 or do I have to completely reinstall Mach3? The instructions that came with the router says you have to place an .XML file into the Mach3 folder in order for the Mach3 to work with the router. I can see some .XML files in the Mach3 folder on my computer but there is not just one? 

Anyone gone through this process before? What is a .XML file? Some kind of profile file?   Thanks, BSA-LLC

Thanks, I have repeatedly reviewed this section of the Mach 3 manual. It calls for NC limit switches. I have NO proximity switches installed per the manufacturer. So I am trying to determine whether this will work with homing and limits? I was able to trace all 3 wires from the proximity switches (12V+, 12V-, and share from the switch and 12v+) I was trying to determine whether when one of these proximity switches is closed, is it sending too much voltage to my Chinese BOB? Its seems they are not going to 0V when the proximity switch is activated?


Thanks for your reply. I have tried enabling the homing switches in Config Pins. When I do enable my CNC router comes to a complete stop if it reached one of the NO switches and I have to un-enable the switch to move the gantry. This functionality if OK for safety but no good for homing or normal operations. I am hoping to find out from the forum whether these NO switches should be changed out to NC switches like is shown in the Mach3 manual so that I can get the functionality of homing and safety stop. This is how my Tormach CNC mill works.

I have not tried your suggestion yet because I wanted to share these pictures of the BOB. Please see attached. I wish I could find a manual for this BOB but so far I have not found one. I did find out that when I try to turn the spindle on at Mach3 one of the large relays opens/closes/clicks and the green LED come on but of course the spindle will not start. I have to start and stop it at the VDF panel. but that is another problem I wish to solve!

Any help appreciated.


Thanks Graham,  Here are some pictures. Let me know if you need some other screen shots?  The proximity switch does light up when the tower moves close to the switch. I am sure that the inputs and outputs are NOT set up correctly. But I wanted to start with my question about the type of limit switch that should be used so I was not chasing a red herring. I have tried changing the active status in the Config set up and then the router just shuts down until you take it out of Active config and move it off the switch.   BSA-LLC

FAQs / Homing/limit switches- type No or NC? Not working on my CNC Router
« on: February 18, 2020, 08:51:54 AM »
Hello Forum,

I recently bought a used "Industrial Brand 48x48x10 CNC router. It has Mach3 Ver 2.0 loaded and running. It has 3 magnetic limit switches (LMF1-3005NA NPN Normall Open) installed but they do not stop the travel of any axis of the router? I used to have a Digital Wood Carver CNC router table and its limit/home switches that I installed were NC cherry switches. These worked fine. I was reading the Mach3 manual and they talked about double NC limit switches wired with an inline resistor. My question is, can I get these proximity switches to work or do I need to change them out? I want to have the machine operate with limit switches. I have a Tormach CNC 1100 Mill and its limit switches work, of course. Any constructive suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks BSA-LLC

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