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Maybe I'm asking a question that has been answered...
We want to cut interrupted lines so the folding radius will be smaller. But Inventor Cam always creates contours, so the plasma makes two passes, making the segmented lines way to large.

How to create a pattern like:
up, move forward, down, cut, move forward, stop, up move forward, down, cut, etc ...

Great, this closes the topic. It has already been done. Thanks!

Yes, also possible with the USB controller, or what ever other controller you use. You only need to have a Com port. Most computers still have them, if not brought to the outside, it's on the main board. If not, then use a usb2serial adapter. Serial is available on every Arduino, the cheapest one being the Arduino Nano which supports 14 digital I/O's and costs a few bucks.

Anyone already done that? If so, please share, if not, I will make it and share it, if anyone is interested.

1. An arduino Mega takes care of all other inputs than the ones (4 only) you absolutely need to use to run Mach3 (if you are using the parallel port)
2. The arduino sends a 32-bits binary stream of the inputs status , and sends also an output when Mach3 needs to look at this stream
3. The MacroPump macro, which runs continuously, checks the input which says 'Hi, there has been a change on your inputs'
4. If no change, the Macropump macro does nothing.
5. If change, the Macropump reads the stream, runs through the actual status of every input, and changes them accordingly.

This does affect the speed of Mach3, and slows it down & few millisecs.


General Mach Discussion / MachScreen Hide Control?
« on: January 24, 2020, 02:01:31 AM »

I am that guy who first reads -almost- everything, before posting a question on a forum, because 99.99% of the knowledge is public.

Question 1:

Where is the Machscreen 'manual'. I have found everything though, but all dispersed over many Q&A, syntax lists, and own experience.

Question 2:

Since the status of a control can be changed, why no possibility to set the 'visible' status to 'false'? It is a basic item in all vb or C++ based programs.
Or did I miss this?

That would be a simple workaround for changing colors of controls, since 3 different , e.g. DRO'S can have the same Mach3 source value, used in the past to bypass the absence of fully controlled controls.

Unless the visibility of the control is immediately linked in Mach3, for sustainability of the data, and a hidden object is interpreted as an absent object... thus invoking an error...

Thanks for any response


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