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I have built a cnc router and i am at the point where i am trying to get Mach3 to make the stepper motors run. I am using windows xp. I first got the motors to move but very jerky. This is in all of the motors. X,Y & Z. No matter how i set them in the motor tuning nothing changes. Run the driver test and it was very erratic. So i went through the optimization.txt file and did most of the steps. The only one i didn't do was set computer to standard PC vs ACPI PC. Everything else i did. I even had the hard drive reformatted when i reinstalled Xp. After all the optimization i rebooted the computer then went right into mach3 mill. Pushed the arrow buttons and had nice smooth movement. Boy was i excited to think i had it figured out. Well after about 20 to 30 seconds it went back to jerky motion. This repeats every time i reboot the computer. If i reboot and let it sit a minute then open Mach3 the movement will be jerky. I think i must be something in the computer but I've run out of ideas and cant seem to find anything online to help me out more than what i have already done. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using Sain Smart TB6560 motor driver, parallel port breakout board,with nema 23 270 Oz stepper motors.

Ok thank you guys for your input. I will see how long the one computer lasts then go from there.

First off I'm very green in this whole process. I'm building a cnc router and getting to the electronics (which is my weakness). I purchased a driver kit with motors for a parallel port setup. I thought both old computers I have where equipped with a parallel port. Turns out 1 is and it sounds like it's on its last leg. The other does not have a parallel port only USB drive. I found a usb to parallel port adapter online and was wondering if this would work and if so what other setup would I need to do. Any help would be appreciated. 

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