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Thank you both. I will check the programs.

HI guys.

I have finnaly copleted buliding my own 3axis cnc mascine.
I have it upp and runing. Now i have a problem (no really :-) )
Althoug i know how to do 3D models i have really hard time with finding a basic enough program that would exlain and allow me to actually get a g-code out from it.
I am hoping if anyone of you can suggest me some basic program that has good tutorial on how to tell program to do what i want and get g-code out.



I am new here. I am building my own cnc. Now at a point where i have finished with making all the stuff so i just need to put it together, and the next thing is to hook up my pc with Mach3.

Also i come from Slovenia. And i am looking forward to be part of this community.

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