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Sorry, we couldn't wait. Had to delay paying jobs and turn down other paying jobs to put more time into mach. We have it making parts again but the next time mach or windows fails us we will switch this mill over to linux cnc to match the rest of the cnc machines which work flawlessly.

Mach 3 is currently up and running.
Non of the hard wiring or board dip switches have been changed since we had Mach 3 running previously.
ESS is installed, running, communicating with Mach 3. The E-stop, port and pin have been selected and the E-stop works.
All the settings, ports, pins, motor tuning, limit switches, ports, and pins, etc. have been lost.
This is where we need the help, settings, settings, and more settings. We need someone who can help with setting all the ports and pins and motor tuning.

We are willing to compensate the person helping us get this thing running again.

General Mach Discussion / New to Mach - need help with installation & set up
« on: September 25, 2019, 04:05:19 PM »
Hi there

we are new to this forum but not completely new to Mach. A few years ago we tried using Mach 3 but never got it to work right - even the paid for version never worked well. The business we bought it from was not very helpful with setting is up and we were kind of left to ourselves to figure things out.
A lot of changes have been made since then and we would like to give it another try BUT ... here we go again having trouble with the installation and set up.

We even bought a new Windows 10 so we would have the "newest and bestest". We tried installing Mach 4 trial version but couldn't make it work. We don;t really care which version we'll get up and running; we'll go with whichever is recommended for VERY basic millwork.

Would anyone be available to come out to the shop and help us with the set up? (we promise you will love the shop  . . . so many toys . . . ) We are located in the Olympia / Shelton area in WA.

Thanks ... GEZ.

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