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Thanks Craig,

That makes perfect sense and I knew the Gallil was pricey but didn’t realise it was to that extent.

I have looked at the smooth stepper board and sounds like it will do all I require.

Although this will be for work machining is a small part of what we do so doesn’t make sense to blow that kind of money for features or reliability that I don’t require.

Yes my external outputs will be just coolant and control spindle speed so sounds like I can do all that.

Thanks for the pointers, I will take a look over the next week and get something planned

Hello All,

I have a bridgeport interact 1 mk2 on the way that is in pristine mechanical condition but the control starts doing strange things intermittently. So I have bought it with a view to change the entire control.

My plan was to do the following

- Fit new AC Servos and drives
- Fit small mitsubishi PLC for things like coolant feed and to control spindle speed via 0-10v feed to inverter (I have software for mitsubishi)
- Inverter for spindle motor instead of cone drive system
- Unsure on motion control yet but thinking along lines of Galil or another high quality option as this will be for my workshop to earn money from
-Mach 4 control running on Windows 10 (Pro to control updates) Laptop

I was thinking of using existing dc servos but figured better to replace all and saves modification to work with modern control such as encoders etc.

The way I plan is to build the whole backplate for panel, hook up motors etc and have everything running on the bench before I do the changeover.

How does this sound? Is  PLC over the top and could this be done with relays triggered from Galil?

I have done a fair amount of automation in the past but this more process control and not motion control so will be an exciting learning curve.

Any thoughts or guidance from those who have been there before would be very much appreciated.

I assume it would be good to run a build type thread once I get going.

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