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There is only one G0 in the beginning. Then it is G1 etc. The code is quite long, so I don't know if posting it all helps?

I am quite fed up with the situation so I installed yesterday Mach4 to test it out. There are strange symptoms, the motors stall/pause and make bad noise in the middle of the moment in all axes. Earlier the X and Y have performed flawlessly. I haven't got time yet to search any information about that yet, I only tried the delay setting in the motor config but it didn't stop that. It got better but still motors stalled. So there must be something I haven't figured out yet. Also the demo timeout stops testing too soon so it does not help either.

I an issue where the Z axis motor stalls in various situations. It looks like that in some situations Mach3 is not using the acceleration values what I have configured for the Z axis. You can see this in the video here: https://youtu.be/j8rkjhrz3Ck

In the beginning there is an aggressive movement which stalls the motor if I try to run the program in faster feedrate, then after few seconds you see that the motor is accelerating nicely. Why there is a change in the acceleration even the G-code is in the same feed rate. I use Fusion 360 for modelling and creating the G-code and Mach3 is connected to CSMIO/IP-M 4-axis controller.

Is there anything I can do about this? At the moment the CNC system is really unstable due to this and requires constant monitoring. The zeroing the Z axis again and again after every stall is frustrating...

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