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General Mach Discussion / Run begins to stutter al of a sudden using Mach3
« on: December 18, 2018, 03:13:59 PM »
Hello All,

I'm completely new to CNC milling. However, I do consider myself a fast learner and thus far I've learned a lott about rpm's feed rates and other calculations needed to mill something out of wood ;-)

My setup: workbee CNC machine, NVUM controller, TB6600 stepper drivers, 1.5kw spindel.
Using demo license of Mach3. Jogging works very well.

Now my problem:
At first I tried a "dry run". i.e. no bit in the spindel and no spindel engine running. No problems here.
When I feel confident that the setup is correct I install a bit, bring the spindel up to speed and give it a go. With mixed results. Most movements go quite smooth.
All of a sudden the machine starts to stutter. I then hit the e-stop button (physical button), hit it again and try to jog. This also stutters like crazy. The only thing that works is to  hit the red reset button in Mach3, after that the jogging is smooth again. When I rerun the setup (including a redo of the movement already milled) the rest of the job runs just fine, or the stuttering returns requiring an other reset.

Any help would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!


I could find a topic on this forum explaning the same problem through google, however the home page is shown and the search function of this forum is buggy.

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