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Hi Craig,
thanks for your reply! Yes, I basically agree with your point! The "no-support" issue with those Chinese is unbelievable.
On the other hand they seem to be relatively successfull in selling the "toy-machines". So it's hard for me to believe that everybody with such a toy  is facing problems that I have.
So I don't want to give up early! There must be at least someone who managed to solve that problem. For this girl/guy I'm waiting for to come up and give me some hints.
Thanks god, I'm not in a hurry and for me this macine is ment as a toy - so I have patience so far.
Surely not endless - and then I will try the way you suggested!
Thanks for your input!

Hi everyone,
it seems that I start my experience in CNC with a very basic problem:
as a newbee I have ordered a tiny little CNC-Toy from China. I know - you don't like it!!
Anyway - now I have this thing and in the country, where this piece of art was created, nobody seems to be willing to give you support.
Let me describe my problem:
To assure a save usage of this machine (a 3020T CNC mill/engraving device...) a set of limit switches would be something you like to add, as the delivered device comes without it.
In addition it comes with cracked software (mach3 R3.041) and an USB-Controllerboard (says Bitsensor as the maker, RnRMotionControllerECO-V2.0),
In mach3 you can set in Ports&Pins all settings for limit-switches and Home/Referece switches as you like - mach3 simply ignores it!
So my question - is there anyone arround with some experience with this environment?
Can someone give me some guidance of how to come across this problem?
Axis movement is of no problem with this Controller. You can define speed, accelleration and everything, but not limit-swithes nor Emergency-Stop.
Also I downloaded the mach3 Demo-SW from ArtSoft and tried this combination - no success!
So you are mylast chance to get this device up and running!
Please help! >:(
Best Regards

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