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Wow. Sorry for the temporary blindness. That was it ! No more crop circles! Thank you so much for the help man. Well. Back to it.

OMG. I'm blind. WOW

nope. I still am not seeing IJ Mode

So you're saying G92.1 I'm hoping? I'll try that.

YES! Crop circles everywhere! Your remedy sounds logical but I can't locate anything in any of the config options that reference an IJ mode. Could you be a little more specific?

  Long story short the pc I was using to run my machine died. I reinstalled Mach3 on to my new pc. Reset my config. inputs and outputs, motor tuning spec and so on. When zeroing out the machine all axis home in the proper directions. When keyboard jogging left arrow goes left, right goes right, up goes up, down goes down just as before. When I load a program however it seems to be reading the code differently.Now keep in mind these are proven programs that have ran on this machine within the last 2 weeks. When looking at the toolpath I see a bunch of purple circles. I can also see the original shape to be cut (in blue lines) but there are so many circles. I just don't get it. it seems to be G3 lines mainly but not all G3 lines. I am at a total loss at this point as to what can be causing this. I'm sure somehow it's operator error but right now I'm not sure what to think. Has anyone had an issue like this before?
  Thanks for reading. Even bigger thanks if you can help.  ;D

So I wanted to rerun the testing of the pins on the drive side before work this morning. It appears I had something wrong the first time.
All pins 2-9 are acting as they should. 5.12 volts in the "on" dir. and 1.1 volts in the "off" dir.
I tested all pins twice.
Once with the drives disconnected.
Once with the drives connected.
Same results both times.
Off to work I go.

Hey thanks again for all your help. Progress was made. Have a great evening.
 I just tried wiring with a common ground as shown in the videos.
Still no movement from motors.

I'm not sure about the ground idea.
this is how I am wired and it matches the schematic you linked earlier
x axis=
PUL+ to  5 volt power supply
PUL-  to  P2
DIR+ to  5 volt power supply
DIR-  to  P3
ENABLE to 5 volt power supply

Y axis=
PUL+ to  5 volt power supply
PUL-  to  P4
DIR+ to  5 volt power supply
DIR-  to  P5
ENABLE to 5 volt power supply

Z axis=
PUL+ to  5 volt power supply
PUL-  to  P6
DIR+ to  5 volt power supply
DIR-  to  P7
ENABLE to 5 volt power supply

same thing happens with p2 to ground and p4 to ground so it would appear the controllers are fine?

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