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Trying to get some support from the Mach team. I recently switched my designing and toolpaths using V Carve Pro.

The post processor i'm using for a general cut out is


Now, everything should be smooth right? No.. not in this case. Sometimes the machine runs the g code just fine and other times it'll start to run, then it'll stop and pop up an error (see pic). Now to solve this issue, i ignore the error, click start (again) then it starts to cut fine. If i click "close" in the error box, it will shut the entire program down.

Now what i dont get, is i'm using Mach 3 the run my toolpaths. But in the error box it says "MACH 4 is having issues blah blah blah, click here if you want us to ruin your day".

WHY IS IT SAYING MACH 4 WHEN I'M USING MACH 3!!!! Howwww do i get this error to stop entirely, cause it is discomforting to continue running my toolpaths when theres an error on my screen.

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