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Actually, I think I found the problem! I have a USB MPG, and if I unplug it everything seems fine now. Maybe there was something with the routing of the wiring of the USB cable and the Laptop power cable and noise?

I can try re-routing the cables now that I know it's not a Mach setting.

Thanks everyone!


I've been very happily running Mach 3 on my Saturn router for almost a year. I have a windows laptop running smoothstepper with a CNCRouterparts control.

I made the mistake of unhooking the laptop to take to a friends to program an Ebike speed control (not sure if it's related or not). Usually I just run Vcarve and Mach 3, but this time I downloaded one file for the programming and that's it. In the future I'll just keep this laptop as an appliance and not mess with it!

Now when I try to jog to the home position it will move an unpredictable amount and then stop. If I try the step command for .100" it might move .030", or some other random amount. If I try to go home it'll say "homing Z axis and then just hang up.

Any ideas? I'm dead in the water!

Thanks for any help!


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