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If you have enjoyed JoyPad plugin and would like to support, it can be done at http://joakim.dk - thanks  ;)
Done! Great plugin

If you rebuild I will commit to a donation - this is a great plugin - (although as indicated I am using version 2.0 as I had issues with 2.0.1)



Hi Joakim

Firstly thank you so much for this plugin it has been working for me for a couple of years now.

However I have just had to change PC's and have upgraded to Win 7 and also downloaded the latest version of the plugin.

Everything set up fine and I started using the machine again but ....

If I continuous jogged in any direction and then left the joystick in the direction and changed from Cont to Step the machine would jog for about 0.7mm before switching to Step mode.

I went through every setting I could find and could find nothing different to the XP machine except the version. Win 7 had the latest plugin (2.0.1) and XP had 2.0.

I installed 2.0 and my problem went away.

Is this a bug in 2.0.1 or maybe an bug in 2.0 that works well


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