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Thanks again for the quick responses. I have uploaded a photo of the breakout board to the folder, sorry for the low resolution. I have checked on the pins and as far as I can tell it is wired correctly. I have read the article that you sent me and I am making sure all my values are correct. As for the drivers I'm not really sure because the laser cutter was built originally 3 years ago. I will let you know if I make any progress. Thank you for the help.


I have created a folder for the .xml folder and made it public in case of future file sharing.


Thankyou for the fast reply, i hope to hear more from you soon.

I can provide screenshots and pictures if needed.

Hello, i am having some intense trouble with signals from the Mach3 program not reaching the Blacktooth laser I've built. The program runs the Gcode, but the motors will not turn and the laser is also not firing. I think it may be a problem with eStop but i'm not positive because I've tried many fixes. This is an independent project for my engineering class and any help is appreciated.

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