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That explains it, Thanks

Mach4 General Discussion / Going from command G0 to G1 program hangs
« on: March 03, 2017, 12:46:31 PM »

In Mach4 (Lathe) while running a program (or MDI) going from command G0 to G1 the program stops on G1 line without executing the command but, program clock is still running. Going from G1 to G0, G0 to G0 and G1 to G1all work. Everything works when the motion device is “Simulation”. The same program (or MDI) in Mach3 (Lathe) works fine. Installing Mach4 on different computers did not help. Went through Mach4 configuration screen trying numerous combinations of switches with no results. Mach3 (Lathe and Mill) worked for years with system described below never had any real problems. Switched back to Mach3 until this problem is resolved.


I7 laptop with UC100 motion controller (w/Mach4update) and Gecko G540 Controller.


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