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Thanks for that. With that Gecko module, how would we wire in the axis? It looks like the old Joystick plugs, where at the moment we have the following in the picture attached

That's wonderful, thanks for that, I just didn't know where to start to look for what I might need. And, yes, everything works, it's just the machine which does not move.

Also, I have just worked out that when I switch the actual control box off, whilst mach 3 is running a program, the vertical axis moves 1/4" then stops. thats the only way I can get any axis to move.

Thanks so much for all these options. There is power to all the ports on the cable, I have changed the .xml to an old backup file, and I have disabled the X++ too. Still not working. I understand what you mean with the lights going on. You are right, under diagnostics, the lights turn on when activated. Its the control box lights that are on and turn off when activated. (picture 2 on my original post.) So all seems well there too. What can I do next? would it be a case of getting a new control box component? if so, I have no idea what to get! I looked on ebay and found a company selling these// any idea if they may help?



What do you think? Thanks once again for helping me!!

It's always been like that though.. Strange...

Thank you very much, I will try this in the morning and let you know. Thanks again!!

Hi, I have now logged into the original pc with the original version on. I've attached the VR1414 for that so hopefully you'll be able to see what you need here.

Thank you so much, here it is.. hope it helps!!

Thanks for that. Checked that and it is the same.Still not working. It's a real struggle now! Our work is backing up and we have nowhere else to turn to!! Someone please help!!

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