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The swap axis worked to a point. You can't just pick any port or pin number. It has to be a valid pin and port that Mach likes.

Thanks for the help.

I found the Mach3 Macro Programmers Reference which has the SwapAxis() and ResetAxisSwap() in it with example. I'll change my Macro and give it a go.
I'll post the results over the weekend.

thanks again

Thanks Hood. I'll give that a try tonight. I did not know it was an option to use fake pin numbers.

If that's the case what would you suggest as a controller that I may use with those two old breakouts. I ran out of space in there and do not want to have to rewire this hole thing again.


I have a USB Smooth Stepper in there with two old Bob Campbell breakouts. Mach 3 on a Windows 7 PC.

It keeps popping up a complaint saying the ports and pins are used multiple times. After a while of clicking ok it goes away. It seems it will use one axis randomly and not the other. . example. If I tell it to spin the spindle it works. Then stop the spindle and move the A. The A does not work. Next time the A might work but the spindle does not work. I am NOT trying to use them both at the same time.
Mach does seem a bit unhappy and confused.


I have ran out of outputs on both my breakout boards. I am saving the last two for a trunnion table. Any way to do this without using another axis output? All my other outputs and inputs are taken up by machine functions.


1 motor 1 drive. The motor needs to act like a spindle motor when cutting and act like a rotary during tool changes.

I have a servo motor running as a spindle motor using step and direction outputs from Mach 3. This works well.  I also need the spindle motor to turn a tool changer when not cutting. I have used all my other outputs and I can only use the step and direction outputs for the spindle for the A xis. Same motor same drive. If I use the same pin numbers in Mach it complains that the spindle and the A use the same pins.
Is there a way to set up Mach 3 to use the same outputs drive and motor as a spindle and a rotary at the same time?


Mach4 General Discussion / Re: G93 Inverse Time
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:37:04 PM »
Thanks for the explanation. the 360 in 100,000 minutes was just a over exaggerated example. Real world would be running 1 rpm continuously for 100,000 minutes.
Which would be
G01 G93 A36,000,000 F0.00001

The controller is a PMDX 416. I have reached out to them but have not heard back.


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