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In case anyone runs into the same problem...we think we've solved it.

It was a faulty cable. The cable was faulting right where the machine "thought" it was at zero.
When it faulted it would tell the sensor it had been tripped.

General Mach Discussion / Y-axis HOME is wrong and Delta Controller Reset
« on: September 22, 2016, 03:37:22 PM »

Recently our CNC Router crashed during a tool change.
Since then the Y-axis home is out by about 24 inches.
That is; when we turn on the machine and run the HOME command for X, Y, Z....the X and Z return to their original correct HOME position but the Y homes 24 inches away from where it should be.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how to reset/fix the Y-axis HOME back to its original location?

I've read some suggestions that say to reset the Y-axis controller...but I have no idea how to do that.
The controller is a Delta - Model: ASD-A0721-AB
Inside the case is another larger box by Delta: VFD-VE FOC Control - Model: VFD110V23A-2

The controller is made by Syntec but most of the components inside are by Delta as are our X, Y, Z servo motors.

Is it possible that resetting the Absolute coordinates to 0,0,0 would work?

Again, if anyone know how to fix or reset this error I'd really REALLY appreciate it.


General Mach Discussion / CNC Y-axis is out of WACK! HELP
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:21:40 PM »
In the past couple of months we've been having problems with errors in our z-axis...it ended up being a faulty cable. we replaced the cable today and it worked...and the machine appeared to being working fine.....but, now, all of a sudden I got an error on the y-axis while doing a tool change and NOW, the machine thinks the y-axis sensor is about 19inches away from where it actually is.

Z and X home just fine.

I'm hoping there's some way of doing a system re-set? or y-axis reset?

It's saying things like "Can't leave home dog" and no matter what we do it thinks the Y-axis home is 19inches up the table and not at the end of the table.

Is there anything you can suggest?

It's a syntec controller with delta parts inside and delta motors on a precix cnc


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