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Thanks for the check list, reuelt.
Rusty hardware?   I'm the only rusty one here.  your "z axis moving parts need cleanup" comment triggered my memory.

Prior to my inactivity I had modified the spindle carriage to increase the max "Z" travel -  I had also disabled the Z lower limit switch. Now, months later. my current job gcode asked for just 1.5mm below possible carriage travel (the stock was thinner than  all of my previous jobs) - I got nailed by 1.5mm.  Ugh!!  Subsequent jobs are O.K.  Hope that the Z power-train is undamaged.

Many thanks, remelt!!    How do I add the patched version of V3.043.062 ?

MS XP & Mach3 V3.043.066 was flawless in all projects since start-up in '16.  Amazing precision!!!

While inactive in CNC for several months I connected the Mach3 XP to my LAN (ethernet - no internet).   Then yesterday on another XP, (as usual) I Cam-Bammed a new project.   The "Z" movements were incorrect.  "X" & "Y" were still fine - in the new job and several older, on-file jobs.  The Gcode was fine in all cases.

By connecting my XP (dedicated to Mach3) to the LAN, did it foul up the Mach3 "normal printer port operation" setting?

To be clear - I haven't moved Cam-Bam or Mach3....they're right where they've been since the beginning in 2016 - each on it's own dedicated XP.  (I jump-drive the individual Gcode file for each job.

Can I fix Mach3 without having to delete it and re-set the whole program?   

I just did unplug the Mach3 XP from the LAN.  It didn't fix the flukie "Z". :-(



I read in the manual at  "General Logic Config..  Column 4  " it reads  "…….The Index pulse and the other inputs have independent settings".  That's the word regarding Index Debounce.  Wow, that's really profound :-)  

Anyway, I added 1000 in the Debounce Interval box as Dave suggested, did a Ref All and it made all Home switches in turn and backed off each a bit but not far enough to clear/open any.  But the 1000 addition made a difference - No flashing Reset as the the Ref All process finished with all three homes witches (sp) still triggered.   Progress!  I've tried setting the debounce, 1k per trial, up to 4000.   Not sure if this increases the travel to getting off the switch. Or is it normal that it sits on the switch?  Any problem otherwise if it remains on the switch?   Also, what can a high 4000 setting cause otherwise?

Curiously I then jogged to the Z limit switch.  Reset flashes. Status: "External E-Stop requested"    Diag: M1 ++ Lim   M2++ Lim  M3--  Limit     all 3 yellow.  Same for the other two axes.   That's probably normal.  How do I get off the 3 switches?
Do I click "Mach3 can fix the setting changes for you"?     If I agree, thought it might mess other parameters that have been configured.  so I ended the session, closed Mach3 and manually backed off all switches.

Clearing a limit switch takes several resets repetitions: Jog one step,RESET, clear the reset, jog one step, RESET, clear Reset  etc, etc till it clears the switch.   Must be a better way?



After the lost (Poof) reply I went to Config/Home/Limits to Home Neg and clicked a green check in the rows X Axis & Y Axis.  Then clicked Ref ALL button - WOW!   Tool went to Home on Z, Y & X in that order….it backs off a bit but still sitting on all the switches, and stopped.   That's the first time it's ever done all that.

As it sits, there are yellow lights in Diagnostic:  M2--Limit and M2Home.
Reset is flashing and Status message says "Limit switch is triggered".

I didn't want to touch anything, just File/End session/close XP……..and go shoot up the town!    That's the first progress to date,

Thanks to Highspeed1964 and Davek0974.  I'll file the "switch bounce" adjustment for possible later use.


I just spent 1.5 hrs checking machine, making notes and clicking reply (to #10,11,12 & 13) and typing;  and clicking post to see red note "must be logged in"  and "the subject line is empty"  and it somehow went Poof!

Oh, My, this is daunting in the extreme,


Mid afternoon I set Pin numbers as you listed,  Clicked Apply, O.K. & Reset.  Noted that "Soft Limit is off".  Clicked Ref All Home.   Tool moves upward (Z-axis) and triggers Z-Home and backs off but not enough to clear the switch.  But, the table then moves (Y axis) toward front -  wrong direction).  I click stop and go to Input Signals to reverse which of the 3 Y settings.  You say "Go to Config|Home Limits and set Home Negative opposite to     I don't see either of those  Home Lim  or Home Neg.   Which one do I reverse?  I have a choice of Y Home, Y++, or Y--     Highspeed,  I've only typed (one finger- very slow) this much.  But have gone on to try many settings (trial & error/guessing on the Y reverse choice),  Y Home didn't fix it,  etc.

So tonight I tried again with more trial-guesses & then write this.

BTW, when the limit switch is triggered and Reset is flashing, the machine is sitting on the switch, How do I reset the software to move the machine off the switch without closing the session, unplugging the machine power, and twisting the rod?

Constantly get the "Failed Reset" box. It reads, in part: "Reset command is failing due to an external influence"  & more about limit switches, etc.  Then asks "Fix this for me?"   I've tried that and also gone into Input settings to make another guess.  

Each of these posts represents at least an hour of resetting/trying machine results and reading and rereading and typing.  I don't see any progress; this could go on for days.  How can I get on the phone with a Mach3 tech.   I've been there and done that for probably hundreds of calls (TurboCad, PhotoShop, Epson Wide Format) all since 2001.   I'm sure you know the drill - the tech can know the settings, and the results of each action and understand the software's feedback notes all in real time and therefore knows right what to do to solve the problem, AND simultaneously, graphically shows the beginner (the paying customer) the path to operate or the path to fix.

This is very, very frustrating;  I've been in this process since 1981 (Apple II+ & IIe) and to date I've purchased or received, w/hardware purchases, over 40 programs and only counted those on the list those which I have learned at least well enough to operate.  No games, video, streaming or entertainment…I'm a project guy.

I'll drop one on you:  Circa 1982  I purchased a Hayes MicroModem card & installed it in my Apple IIe.   On the computer, the Hayes MM dialed my son at his apartment and I was able to type a message, B/W, 40 characters to the line, 20 lines to a screen.  He could see my message on his IIe  and then type a response message; both sides of the messages on both screens.  Of course the transmission was slooooooow.  Those Apples were 64K & later 128K, w/dos.   :-)

How do I get some results in what surely is a fundamental - setting up the control of a CNC with Mach3?   What about testing the latest Input Pin settings on Diag to see if the yellow lights show correctly?      


Limit switch wiring:  3 red wires from NO terminals to Pin 10 on TB6560 bob.  3 black wires from COM terminals to Gnd on bob.
Home switch wiring:  "X" Home: red wire from NO to Pin 11.  black wire from COM to Gnd.  Switch on top of left gantry.   "Y" Home:  red wire from NO to Pin 12.  Black wire from COM to Gnd.  Switch mounted on back rail of machine base.  "Z" Home:  red wire from NO to Pin 13.  Black wire from COM to Gnd. Switch mounted on top of rack holding spindle carriage.   Limit switches mounted on opposite extremities.  The "Y" axis switches are 14" apart….perpendicularly from front rail to back rail.

EStop button: Red wire to Pin 10.  Black wire to Gnd.  This could be incorrect. I've struggled with incomplete, reversed, contradictory, or non-existent wiring & settings info from ZEN from the beginning.

During the "Ref All Home", after completing the "Z", the "Y" stepper starts moving the table (from the middle of the machine) in the wrong direction towards the front rail which holds the "Y" Limit switch.  On contact it goes "Reset"; probably doing what it's supposed to do….only not during a Homing process?  :-)

HighSpeed, After we finish this "War & Peace" length manuscript, we can sit back with a cool beverage and share the publishing proceeds.    I really appreciate your help,


Sorry, my first line should have read:…"I trigger each of the 6 switches in turn and get proper yellows in Diag".   My wiring is per a ZEN diagram.  Have checked wiring very carefully - Hope problems are in the settings & buttons.

When I do the "Ref All Home" it does "Z" Home just fine, then heads to "Y" Limit at the front of machine - ya-but, that's a tilt, eh?  :-), and of course then the "Reset".    I want Home (the spindle) to be at left, front of the machine...therefore "Y" home switch located at rear?

XML?  Not sure about attachments - posting files here;  I'm only on net and email with my Macs.  Cheap way to keep Windows out of the hospital.  I tried to list my Ports & Pin settings on my Sep 09 -  06:43 post.

Perhaps you can help me easier when knowing my primary (at least for now) usage of CNC:  Engraving 36pt (½"), 2mm deep, 1 or 1.5mm bit….  letters - one or two words on .5"x5"x5" hardwood pieces.  Do I need Home switches?  But perhaps the current glitch won't allow any control of the machine?  
I've taken great care (started in mid July) in assembly/wiring, and the jogging/engraving of some doodles really has me enthused; so this is frustrating.  I appreciate your help!


HS1964    Thank you!
3 limits & EStop on pin 10 .     X-home  on 11, Y-home on 12, & Z-home on 13.   Trigger any limit:  yellow lights on M1++ & M1--  x M2 & M3  (6 yellow lights).   Ports & Pins:   All lines enabled from top down to include ZHome (9 green checks.    Pin numbers from top line down incl Zhome  10 10 11 10 10 12 10 10 13  …..& EStop enabled and pin 10.    Emulated column:  All red x.  

Until your reply, I didn't know about a "Soft Limits Button" ….took a minute to find it.  If it was on, Mach3 turned it on.

After a 2 hr break Mach3 was active - wasn't locked in Software Limits.  I unchecked Soft Limits & tried Ref All again.   Went to Z-Home, then went to Y limits (False eh?)  and triggered the switch and "Reset" & freeze.

I'd like my Ports and Pins settings looked at; often get a Reset and the message that there's an external influence or limit switch(s) triggered.  And to reverse Low Active settings.  Or Mach3 can fix it for you and un-checks a  bunch of low actives and it freezes again.

Thanks for your help, Stephen    

General Mach Discussion / "Software Limits" in Status during Ref All Home
« on: September 09, 2016, 04:23:47 PM »
Hello there,

I'm as new to CNC/Mach3 as a bouncing 8 pound…..    Setting up my new Zen Kit (assembly & wiring my me…a very meticulous sick-o).

In Diagnostics - checked each limit & home switch  Yellow lights where they should be.   Next, in "Ref All Home"   "Z" went fine.  "Y" went to Y-Limit ??- weird  and   "TILT" - flashing "Reset" and "Software Limits" showed in Status;  no nothing clears that. not even closing, rebooting.  Big brain-cramp.   

"Software Limits" ….is that, like - my Win-XP needs to go to the IR ????   A new purchase - has been rock solid all these years.

BTW, I've been working at the setup/controls of Mach3/Zen for a couple of days, testing, jogging, and a few minutes engraving in walnut and granadillo (hard as a rock)……wonderful quality - with the grain, across grain!!!

Thanks a lot,

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