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Thanks Roger. All sorted now - I thought it would be more complex.

I have a fully licensed version on one PC and a demo copy on another newer PC. How do I get the full version onto the newer PC?

Thanks for sharing this.

Did you have to connect 12-24v to the BOB to get this set-up to work?

Also, without the BOB connected, should the spindle DRO show spindle speeds consistent with the pwm percentage?

FAQs / Moving beyond Z axis limit switch to eject tools
« on: September 15, 2016, 06:59:08 PM »
I'm retrofitting Mach to a 1980 Fehlmann Picomax CNC mill-drill. Originally the machine was only two axes, but is now fitted with a stepper operating the quill feed. The original manual Z axis controls were quite sophisticated involving automatic spindle reverse for rigid tapping for example, and so the quill was already fitted with limit switches for the top and bottom of its normal operational travel. However, this machine also has a quick change tooling system which mechanically ejects the tool when the quill is retracted beyond it's normal "fully up" position. A second micro-switch positioned just above the Z-up limit switch was incorporated - presumably to tell the original CNC system that the tool had been changed.

If a picture paints a thousand words a video does even better - https://youtu.be/0v7gXR5AIKE - this is a manual P18 machine but the system is the same.

Since the position of the quill is now stepper stepper driven, I have a problem in that I can easily set up the two "normal operating travel" limit switches in Mach, but I don't know how I'm going to override the first top limit-switch in order to move to the second top limit-switch and eject the tool. Obviously, I want to do this as a manual command in order to make sure I'm present to catch the ejected tool-holder, and I also need to make sure that tool ejection can only take place with the spindle motor off (I will have the spindle motor under the control of Mach).

I'm sure that you clever people will think this is an easy problem to solve, but it's beyond a novice like me.

Thanks for the wise words. Will look into it.

Thanks for the replies, but really need something 3D in the CAD dept.

I'm just embarking on setting up a CNC mill and need to get a cad/cam suite. I have over twenty years experience in manual machining and am very computer savvy, but I'm completely new to CNC. I don't expect to get anything for nothing, but is there a half decent 3d cad program suitable for novices? I've taken a look at quite a few of the introductory free trial offers, but while I'm aware that you don't get "owt fer nowt", the pricing for many is at best opaque. I don't really want to spend more than £100 GBP on a cad program (to start with, but may decide to upgrade to something more sophisticated at a later stage) and haven't thought about the cost of cam yet, but I'm open to all suggestions.

Third party software and hardware support forums. / Re: Rattm Motor
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:18:15 PM »
Thanks for the comment. They are indeed closed loop stepper motors - generally designated as hybrid servos by the manufacturers.

Third party software and hardware support forums. / Rattm Motor
« on: July 25, 2016, 05:57:03 AM »
Anyone have any experience with Shangzhou Rattm Motor products? I was leaning toward buying Leadshine hybrid servos, but noticed these on eBay - http://tinyurl.com/zukuwsl

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