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Hi all,

Let me introduce myself as well.

My name is Max and have been working on my machine for the better part of a year now. I had it running quite nicely until I switched from XP to 7-32 to add a XBOX one controller. Now it sucks again. Stepper motors are running way too slow. My setup:

Mach3 Version R3.043.066

High-precision TBI ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm (C7)

1.5KW Water-cooled Spindle motor + VFD
Diameter:80mm x Length:205mm
Power: 1.5 KW Voltage: 220V

Driver Controller:
Digital Stepper driver DM556D (24V to 50V)
Power supply: 600W 48V 12A


Stepper Motor 425 oz In. (Nema 24)
1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.
3 Amps Current Per Phase
4-wire Bi-polar
(direct drive, no gear reduction)

effective work area dimensions (soft limits):
Z-axis travel 120mm
X-axis travel 450mm
Y-axis travel 990mm

Anyway, I hope to contribute to this forum, as well as get a solution to my motor problem.

Until next time.

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