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Lack of menu text might be a problem with installed fonts or display resolution - setting Windows to 150% etc can cause issues with some programs.
You can try downloading a fresh copy of Mach3 and run it in demo mode.
Do a backup of your current setup first.

Some of the cheapies need to use the supplied version of Mach3 but my 6040 is running happily with a genuine version.
I tried it before buying the license and demo mode worked well although the 500 line limit would have been a problem eventually.


Under ports and pins,
change the Motor outputs 'direction low active' settings and see if the direction changes.
It will probably still only go one way but it will help narrow down the problem area.

There should be connections between your breakout board and the stepper drives. One pin for pulse and another for direction.
If you have any test gear, you can monitor the direction pin and see if it changes.

I admit to having a cheap Chinese controller but it was all assembled and working so I haven't had to delve too deeply (yet)
The one thing I do know is 'they are all different'.


Your manual is a lot better than most I have seen!

Are you sure that you do have limit switches fitted?
Most of these don't have any. Fitting some was the first job for me with mine.

If you have limits, there will be wires in the relevant connectors on the interface board.
In Mach3, you need to set the limits up in Ports and pins/ Input signals.


Not all parallel ports will work satisfactorily and not in all modes.

In the BIOS,
Check the 'mode' that your port is set to. There are usually 3 modes to choose from: standard (or legacy etc), EPP and ECP.
Try changing the mode to EPP or Legacy.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Cant find DXF import button
« on: July 30, 2016, 02:18:21 AM »
Try the LazyCam option in  the file menu.
This starts LazyCam which has all the DXF and Bitmap imports.

It took me a while to find it too...

Your system is probably similar to mine.
I have a black control box with the VFD inside the control box instead of separate like the earlier ones.
The VFD is not configured to be controlled by Mach3 but you can reprogram the VFD and do some wiring mods to get it working.
I have decided to stick with manual spindle control for now. I have enough to learn without adding more to the list.

Do a google search for "Programming NOWFOREVER VFD" and you should find a few links to study. This is assuming that your controller is a NOWFOREVER unit.
There are programming manuals out there but not for my D100 series.


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