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« on: November 19, 2015, 06:43:20 PM »
I believe I am using the newest version of Mach 3 and I believe I can upload DXF files into Mach... My apologies if I mistakenly stated that I could not. Please let me know where that was stated so either I can re-phrase what I meant or what not...

I do not have a license for it, I am using the demo. My machine came with a disc and was supposed to include Mach but the file is unable to open...

What tolerance do you want on the holes?

Please elaborate on what you mean by tolerance. I am new to this so sorry for the missing knowledge in regard to processes and terms.

I am planning to perforate multiples types and thicknesses (canvas, metal, etc) but currently I am trying to practice on art paper and teslin. The supplies I have now range in between 8 mil and 20 mil (mostly 10 mil).

Definitely not hundreds of holes but more than just a few... I would say there are a few concentrated areas on the materials where maybe 20-50 small perforations will go. The whole material is not used up as other things will be done to it in terms of design but these holes must be aligned correctly as they are placed on the jpg file...

I have a 3020T 3 Axis CNC machine bought here : http://www.amazon.com/CNCShop-Engraver-Engraving-Machine-Woodworking/dp/B011KHGLR2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1447976520&sr=8-3&keywords=cnc+3020t+3+axis

The tools that came with it are not labeled but I could take a picture of them if needed.

« on: November 19, 2015, 06:12:54 PM »
I think we have a small communications problem.
If you can clarify it would be appreciated...............

By " perforations " are you meaning round holes? through material and taking it a little bit more
Do you want to drill them, punch them out, plasma cut them, etc?
There is a difference as to what gcode will be required and what CAM can used to generate the code.

BTW, not sure what "PS" is ....... ???


Yes, small round holes. I assumed they would be punched through material but whatever way works the best and provides the best results (no blown out backs, accurate, etc).

I was advised to use vcarve so I downloaded that, imported my jpeg and traced it and saved it. I assume I have to upgrade in order to actually export it into Mach3 as a DXF, correct?

If punching is the way to go, do I need a certain punch tool or would the basic tools that came work? Also, do I need a mat or some sort of cover to place my material over if it is thin?

PS = photoshop

« on: November 19, 2015, 12:15:20 PM »
You asked what I needed done and I answered, perforations. If you would like to help me out we can discuss the exact design I need done and I can send you over the file. I have tried using LazyCam and what not to import the jpeg but with limited knowledge and expereince it would be easier for me to pay someone to properly take my image and make it into a usable mach3 gcode or etc so that I can easily run the machine to perforate my needed design.

If you are interested please let me know so we can chat privately about any more details regarding the design and pay. Thanks.

« on: November 18, 2015, 10:04:20 PM »

« on: November 18, 2015, 07:34:36 PM »

I am looking to have someone create a gcode (or some mach3 file) from a custom jpg/psd file (whatever format is easier). I will require some assistance and instructions as well in regard to using the file properly for my goal. Details will be discussed individually and pay will be rewarded.

UPDATE : I am a dumb ass and did not tighten the screws the set the connection between the coupler. The machine is now moving as I adjust the axis coordinates.

Now I just need to learn how to take my perforation design from PS and run it in Mach 3.

Here are two replies I received on another forum and figured I would post them here so you guys can see what others suggested.

I'm a little confused, are you saying you can't get the spindle to turn on? If so, follow basic electrical procedure number one: does it have power, does it have ground, is everything connected?

As for the axis movement, in Mach 3 hold shift when you jog with the arrow keys. That triggers continuous movement. If that doesn't solve the x axis issue you mentioned, make sure that mechanically everything is sound. Power down the machine and try to move the axis by hand by manually moving the belt/leadscrew/whatever drive method the axis has.

If you still can't get it, take a short video so we can get an idea of where you're going wrong. Good luck!

My reply : I can get the spindle to turn on (spindle power button on and slowly increase max speed). Everything is connected, when I use the arrow keys to control the x, y, z axis I have the issues. The coordinates change within mach 3 and the caps (gear looking tops) on each motor spin but nothing actually moves... Hope that makes sense.

I tried to hold shift while maneuvering the arrows kids and no change. I also tried to manually move the damn thing and could not.

This is the machine I am referencing http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81fVOrhCUZL._SY355_.jpg

Let me know what else you need to assist with my issues.

If the motor spins but the screw doesn't turn it sounds like you have a problem with your connection between the stepper motor shaft and the screw. These commonly come with a two part shaft coupler. The coupler is fixed to the shaft with a set screw. Make sure the set screw is tight and the coupler isn't rotating freely.

My reply : What "screw" are you referring to?

As for "steppers" I assume you mean the cable chain?

When I adjust the X axis position (left right keys) it moves left and right just barely but almost seems locked.

If the axis movement distance shown in the DRO doesn't match the physical movement then you need to adjust your motor tuning steps per unit movement to correct this

I don't know how to determine if the parallel port is a addon or if it is factory/to the mother board (read this could be an issue)

That's not really relevant, it's an age and manufacturer thing, both on board and aftermarket PPs can be 3v or 5v, if you know your CNC system needs a 5v signal and you adjust your motor tuning and still can't get repeatable movement you may have to investigate the port signal voltage

 - Nick

I adjusted the motor tuning as specified by the manufacturer. I can't get anymore movement. The tops of the motors (gear looking caps) spin and the silver inside spins but there is no movement in the actual piece. I can power on the spindle and turn it so that isn't the issue it's just about getting the router or whatever the hell it's called to move as I control it's postion with the x, y, z.

I assume your CNC uses steppers. You may be simply tryin g to rev the motors too fast.
Try reducing the maximum speed by a factor of 10.
Also reduce the acceleration by a factor of 10.

If that works, start tuning - slowly.


By steppers I assume you mean cable chain?
I already set the settings required/specified by the manufacturer so that shouldn't be the issue...?
I see in the configuration where it says acceleration but where it max speed listed?

I'm sure this is asked frequently, I tried to do some quick searching but due to a time restraint I just figured I would ask it.

I recently received a CNC machine (3020T 4 Axis I believe) and set it up. I originally could not install the Mach 3 provided on the disk so I downloaded the current demo and am using that. My end goal is doing perforations in various materials so if anyone knows of a better program let me know.

Back to it, I downloaded the demo offline, set it up, and hooked everything up. I set up the machine (native unites, ports and pins, and motor tuning) within Mach 3 and then went to test movement and etc as directed by the instructions I was provided.

When using the directional keys, the units change within Mach 3, the motor tops/heads/gears? spin (one sounds a little hoarse compared to the other 2) but yet the router/spindle does not move. When I adjust the X axis position (left right keys) it moves left and right just barely but almost seems locked.

I check the connections and parallel port connection along with the port # set up and etc. I don't know how to determine if the parallel port is a addon or if it is factory/to the mother board (read this could be an issue) but I am certain it is a motherboard. My desktop is running XP of course and when I initially installed Mach 3 I tried the driver test and it was showing fine.

If anyone could help me that would be awesome! Let me know if I need to provide some more information to fix this issue. Also if you think there is a better program for doing perforations let me know (current design built in PS, don't know if that will work with these).

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