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General Mach Discussion / something has gone wrong !!!
« on: March 28, 2016, 09:24:01 AM »
I have been running the hicon integra with the mach3 for about 6 months. After the initial setup everything worked great, however I am having the issue now of the X axis getting off. at home the gantry is 1/16 off on the home side and when it travels about 4 feet it gets upto 1/4 inch out. I was thinking a stepper motor going out but when I tested them they are fine, I also checked the transmissions and belts for play and wear they are also fine. i then checked the drive output and the settings have not changed. does anyone have an idea of what this might be?

im not sure hoe to do that could you walk me though tha t please.

my max following error is set at 1000 that was the default setting how would  I figure this properly I seen the manual but it is still confusing to me

I have also noticed that if I go into the plugin confige and open the hicon plugin I can get the axis to move however I think my steps per unit is off bad I enter for the X axis to move 10 inches and it moves 11 inches in that

On the X axis the soft limit max is 144 and the soft limit min is 0. On the Y axis the max is 80 and min is 0. On the z axis the max is 0 and min at -10. thye error coad is, ERROR:Following Error Limit Exceeded on axis 0. servo disarmed  the command code I am using is G0 X10

I am know having ishues with the limits I try to run the axis out 10 inches it travels about an inch and a half and then trips a estop saying that it has exceeded on axis 0 and disarmes I set the limitsa to the size of the table which is 144 inches the dro read out says 1.5 when it stops is there another limit setting that im missing somewhere? I would like to add that if I manualy control the axis with the mpg it goes past that point and dosnt trip the code but if I run it in set step unit or in the MDI screen it stops and gives me that error.

no it goes by the limit switches and dosnt stop however i have fixed this situation and am now working on calibration. Im also lost at this aswell I have figured me revalutions per unit im hoping I got my math right

I started with the steps per unit at 1600 on all 3 axis that was the factory setup for this machine I played with the number some and at 2600 steps per unit it is almost spot on but it will blow by the limit sensors for some reason at that setting it has me confused

I actually just fixed that and set my debounce back to 30. I am having the ishue of axis calibration now I move the axis 7 inces but it thinks it moved 10

I set the debounce value to 100 and it seems to be working now thanks! Im still not finished with the setup I might be bugging you again soon if you do not mind

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