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Install version 3.043.062 and the patch found here.


Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

You and the guys at CRC are life savers!!



After many years of reliable service from Mach3 on my CNC mill and lathe using Win10, the latest update to Win10 stopped me dead!!  I use a USB Smoothstepper on the lathe, and an ESS Smoothstepper on the mill.

I have been using Mach3 Version 56 for years and, it has served me reliably in my situation.

I installed Mach3 version 62 after reading this topic, and have managed to get the mill and lathe working again.  However my office computers will not work.  I use these to simulate and test new posted G Code before going out to my workshop.  I was mystified until I realized that the workshop computers were 32 bit and the office computers were 64 bit.

Is it possible to emulate 32 bit on a 64 bit machine?  I don't want to revert Win10 my office machines to the previous version, as I use them for many other modern tasks.

Your assumption is correct.  Ac Motors only.


Keep up the good work.  Very impressive!!


My first attempt at boring with Mach3.

OD and ID profiles programmed with HSMWorks.  HSMWorks cannot handle boring on the far side of the centreline, so I had to post code for the near side of the centreline, then use NotePad to do a global search and replace for all values of "X" with "X-"

Worked a treat.

Material is PVC.  End product is an Ultrasonic transducer housing.



You should find the document here in Members Docs:


Unfortunately my website is dead (I found an obituary for the bloke who hosted my website after I investigated why my website was down).


Thank you for bring back memories of my life in the Satellite Ground Station industry here in Australia.  I was a humble RF Technician running the Satellite Ground Station Manufacturing facility for a company here in Brisbane.  I used to manufacture Frequency Converters (and other related equipment) in all bands for Australian communications companies.

It was during my time at this company that I became fascinated with CNC machines, I could watch them for hours.  The workshop supervisor (Dave) was a very talented British machinist who became my mentor in things mechanical.  He earned my total respect during my time there and among many tricks, taught me how to rough sketch (with a pencil and paper) and get my ideas across to the workshop.

Dave used metal spinning companies to make dishes up to 2 metres after he managed the manufacture of wooden formers.  He also made small dishes from aluminium blanks that looked like pizza trays.  He used water pressure to form the dishes to the correct shape.  This process is known as hydraulic forming.

Once again thank you for posting this.

Hi Milton,

I use Solidworks to create the models (and drawings where necessary) and HSMXpress (a free 2.5D CAM Plugin for Solidworks) to create the G Code.  I find HSMXpress very easy to use, and I am becoming more proficient the more I use it.

HSMWorks (which is a full blown 3D CAM Package) is also a standard feature in Fusion360 if you have that CAD Package.

There are plenty of YouTube videos out there on how to use HSMXpress/HSMWorks.

By the way, the plastic impeller housing now appears to be standard on the latest Chinese coolant pumps.  I inspected some at my machine supplier recently.  So they appear to have recognized and corrected the material selection issue.

The good news is that the pump now starts to rotate every time I switch on the saw now. :D

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach 3 on Windows 10
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:24:08 PM »
Works fine for me on my cnc lathe with USB Smoothstepper.  Simply upgraded from Win7 and everything came across.

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