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General Mach Discussion / Re: How do you Resume Cutting?
« on: August 14, 2015, 02:56:38 AM »
if you wanna cut your resume you have to click on feedhold as i know as far as possible. i think it will work but don't know what percentage it will work as i just know it and tried and it is also dependable to the luck as i know. so please keep it up many times i hope it will work for you and you can get it helpful . i never did it but i know the basic of it , so please don't mind if it will not work. thanks

Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Re: Writing Wizards
« on: August 14, 2015, 02:51:31 AM »
hi all, you have written before and as you don't know how to do it . may be www machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,2557.new.html#new it will help you but don't know exactly . however you can discuss with him and can acquire knowledge from him as he know well about wizard and also wanna teach this tools . so thanks , i will be glad if you find it helpful

Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Re: New Teach wizard
« on: August 14, 2015, 02:45:37 AM »
hello, can you give me the link of the wizard to test it , i am willing to use it . have you completed your project or you are still working on it . could you tell me please a little more about this new wizard. and i also wanna know about advantage and disadvantage of it so that i can use it very helpfully. besides i wanna thank you to create such a nice wizard and teach us this.

hello, i am looking for this kind of cnc book but i am afraid of this German language as i don't know it very well. as you have said it will be helpful for who is not Germany , so is it helpful for me . i wanna control my stepper but don't know how to do it . any body can recommend me any kind of book like this but should be in English language that will be helpful for me. thanks in advance

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