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Thank you very much, this works fine, it was set to 95%.

Thank you for your answer.

So I added an M3 in Config:Global Config:Startup Modals:Init String and checked 'Use Init String on ALL Resets'.
Now the speed will appear on the screens at least if I'm out of emergency mode.
There is just an G80 in the init string, that now will be executed on more occasions. I hope that this will not interfere.

And I found Config:Spindle Pulleys... that does the Job niceley, I only wonder why Pulley 4 is selected by default.

One more question: If I use Ctrl-J Jog Controls (Arrow keys and PgUp/PgDn) to move manually, I realized, that it
moves in (slightley) different speeds if I use the buttons with oder without pressing the shift key simultanousley.
There are different speeds für Jog control in Config General Jog Increments in Cycle Mode, but they differ much
more (by 10, not just by 1:1.2 or so). Where can I modify/set_up the two speeds used using the arrow keys ?
(something like 'Use the speed in Feed Rate or Maximum Speed from Motor Config)


I used the available hall sensor on my milling machine and configured Mach3 Demo Port Input Index to reflect its pulses.
I can see the actual Spindle Speed only if I press [Spindle CW F5] and the reading will stay visible and is being updated only if I RESET out of emergency mode.
I don't want to press [Spindle CW F5] only to see the actual Speed, and no Mach3 teaching video or instruction on the Web mentions that I have to press [Spindle CW F5].
My Mach3 installation can not control the spindle speed, it can not even turn the spindle on and off, so a "turn on Spindle" command is ignored anyway.

How can I configure Mach3 to display the spindle speed at least if out of emergency mode without pressing any button to 'turn on the motor' ?

The other question is: My hall sensor issues 4 pulses every 3 spindle rotations because it is mounted on the motor and has a belt drive pulley (no different gears).
How can I mathematically adjust the true spindle Speed using Mach3 ? Currently Mach3 shows 4000rpm if the true speed is 3000rpm.


Press Enter, that's it, thank you, I was able to cut a circle.

Hi, I installed Mach3Version3.043.066.exe (Demo Version from http://www.machsupport.com/) on a clean Windows XP SP3 on Asus L3500H 2.45GHz 512MB,
and configured
Units MM, Sherline, Parallel 3 Axis TB6560, Motor Speeds, which works good from [tab] Jog Controls and can run the Shapes example after I added a G20 command.

Now I wanted to try the Wizards, but if I open a Wizard (like circle), the input fields are kind of disabled:
I may click on an input that turn grayisch and enter a value, but if I klick on another input field, the value disappears and the former default value reappears.

What am I doing wrong ? Will the Wizards not work on Demo Version ? Some idiocratic operating procedure ?

By the way: I was not able to register to this forum using Internet Explorer, as the turning icons do not work. I needed access to another computer running Chrome. Do you really need THREE captchas ?

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