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I'm not sure...... I switched my machine to UCCNC, as it had the "electronic gearing" spindle encoding capability I needed for threading.

 I may some day take the old controller that I was using with MACH3 and use it on some other machine.

-deleted- for now

Are G16 polar moves limited to the x-y plane?

If they are limited to the x-y plane then I will use FORMULAS instead

Thanks in advance.

I do remember it was very simple, my initial problem was that you can not directly compare a physical input with a boolean, i had to first pass that physical (switch( input into another box and THEN do a boolean  compare on that......at the moment i cannot recall what "box"/node i had to pass it into...but it was simple.   It was my first brain that is why i can not remember. 

It did work to  repeatedly pickup the start of a multiple pass/depth threading cycle.  At some point I will  post a video of it working. 

I did get it to work, I have to look at what I did later, I have not looked at it lately, so it is hard to remember.

I do remember that the solution was not to try to compare  the initial input boxes directly, but first had to pass into into "another box"...i'll try to look at it later and me more accurate with my wording as I can't remember off the top of my head. I did get it working though.

 | INPUT#1    0/:1  | -------| COMPARE =1 |               when I toggle the physical switch, I can watch the brain and see the input rung color & value toggle accordingly between 0 & 1 , bu the COMPARE rung will never toggle  even though the input matches "1"

I also tried  with | COMPARE >0|  , also does not work, just like above. I suspect it is because it is boolean  and 1/0 does not  represent true/false  exactly ?...but can not input "true" into the compare field…
I found a workaround by comparing and LED set to "1" to the input and that did work…..which was a workaround in itself because trying to set an Input to be a local variable causes  Mach3 to hang…..

Would like to be able to write the brain without having to edit a screenset and set an led to "1" as a crazy workaround...

I could not get a COMPARE block to compare a digital/boolean switch to activate even though I could see the switch input toggle between 1/0 in the Brian viewer.....
     so I set up to inputs , one was the switch input 1/0 and the other as a variable=1  and then tried to compare those two (after a no-operation pass thru)  and yes, my mach3 hung up...and may bot even allow my PC to open that profile without crashing...it think i may have to remove the offending Brain from the folder.....stand by.....

Brains Development / Re: Just a little beginners help with brains
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:26:30 PM »
The INPUT block always activates/works changes state as ":0 or :1"  correctly when i toggle my physical switch or a MACH3 LED

HOWEVER , I also can't get the  COMPARE block to activate on simple on/off 1/0 inputs regardless of weather the input is a hardware switch (INPUT1) or a  MACH3 LED (tested with "Continuous Jog" LED )…so the common problem is that they are digital/boolean  

I tried with the COMPARE block being : =1 and also with >0 …won't activate either way

I CAN get it to work with non booleans like when the INPUT block is the X axis DRO.  And the COMPARE block is ">0"….as a test, unfortunatley I want use a brain with a physical switch as an input.

yeah I imagine the timing of the index pulse  *should be done* on the controller card,  but will do a quick test with a Brain to see if the timing can be consistent enough for multiple thread starts to align...

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