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VB macros are one way to go.

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I don't quite know much about macros for now. Do you mean by using macros, I could set the position values obtained from other programs like Matlab in real-time and execute G0 commands?

My problem is that I need to execute one G0 command to move CNC to a new positon and do some calculations using matlab which would then gives a next position for my next G0 command. So my question is how to set up the communications using macros.

Many Thanks

I am new here and not having much knowledge of Mach and CNC in general, so maybe my question is silly.

I have a Mach3-controlled CNC. What I want to is simply to move CNC to a certain position using G0 command. After this I would do some measurements and calculations from other program like Matlab. The program then could gives the next positon based on the calculations from Matlab, which position is not known beforehand. And then I need to give Mach3 another G0 command and repeat the process again and again. For now, I could type in such G0 command from MDI to do this, but I want to make this an automation process.

Instead of typing the command by hand, could I send in such command from other software like Matlab or C program? So is there a way that I could have access to the MDI via macro, plugin or other means?

I noticed there are SDK for download which is said to be able to interface others programmers code to Mach3’s interface. I wonder if this could possibly do the job.

Anyone has any ideas or any suggestions?

Thank you very much.


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